Watch dog’s reaction to having entire backyard filled with favorite toys

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A 3-year-old dog could barely contain his excitement after discovering his backyard had been filled with hundreds of his favorite toys.

Hudson the mini Labradoodle was clearly delighted after heading outside to play, only to find his entire lawn covered by ball rope toys.

His owner, Kacie from Seattle, could think of no better gift for Hudson to enjoy with some of his close dog friends which she has affectionately christened “his pack.”

“He’s the sweetest, most kind and dedicated pup that loves all humans and playing with other dogs,” Kacie said. “He’s playful but cautious and has very soulful eyes that talk to you. Hudson constantly reminds us how to show love in our lives.”

Hudson the mini Labradoodle in his backyard. He was delighted to discover a lawn covered in his favorite toys.

Social interaction with other dogs is an important and often overlooked part of maintaining good canine health.

Its value was highlighted in a recent study of 21,000 dogs published in the journal Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health. Researchers concluded that those who enjoy routine social interaction with other canines were associated with better health outcomes compared to other dogs who socialized less.

Toys are a great way of encouraging dogs to interact with one another, whether it be competing in games of fetch or engaging in tugs of war.

Hudson’s backyard full of toys was provided as part of the annual “Letters to Chewy Claus” program, an initiative set up by Chewy, the online pet food and pet product retailer, over the holidays.

As part of the scheme, pet owners are invited to submit a holiday gift suggestion for their four-legged friend. “Chewy” Claus then reviews submissions to determine who has been naughty or nice and, ultimately, whether or not to make their Christmas wish come true.

Kacie was shopping on the Chewy website when she decided to write a letter asking for “a million ball rope toys” to be delivered to their house. “I did it for the joy of the generated letter and to send it to my husband for a cute holiday memory,” she said.

It was also an opportunity to get Hudson and his dog friends together for an epic play and for Katie to celebrate her dog’s outgoing and affectionate personality in the best possible way.

“Hudson has several dog friends whose humans have to be careful saying his name around them because they’ll get too excited and think he’s coming over to play,” Kacie said. “I also love when I see strangers instantly smile when they see him while we’re out on a walk. His happy energy is contagious and we love that so many ‘catch it’ while around him.”

A spokesperson for Chewy told Newsweek: “Once we chatted with Kacie, we knew Hudson was a special dog who not only brings so much love and joy to his pet parents, but also is the first to make a friend with any other dog in the area.”

They organized for a grand total of 5,000 individual toys to be delivered in what they hope will be “enough for a lifetime” of playing together. The toys were unpacked and arranged across Hudson’s yard in preparation for his epic surprise.

What followed was the playdate of a lifetime, with Hudson and his “pack” spending their day chasing the toys, playing tug of war and generally running around to their heart’s content.

“We had an idea of what our yard would look like filled with ball rope toys…but the real thing was 10,000x better,” Kacie said. “Hudson and his buddies were over the moon; the experience from start to finish was incredible and we are so grateful that Chewy Claus made Hudson’s wish come true.”

Once Hudson and his crew had worn themselves out and each picked out a few toys to call their own, Kacie decided the remaining toys should be donated to other less fortunate pets living in PAWS and Seattle Humane, two of the city’s biggest dog shelters.

“Now, every pet who is adopted from will go home with a toy for the holidays and all the pets still in the shelters will have tons of toys to play with for years to come,” the Chewy spokesperson said.

It represents the biggest donation of toys ever for these shelters, with Kacie eager to spread a little festive cheer during what can be a difficult period for rescue pets.

Kacie said: “We decided to share the toys with other pets in Seattle with the hope that they can experience the same amount of joy, happiness and excitement that Hudson and his buddies experienced from their Chewy Claus surprise, especially during the holiday season.”

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