The Republicans Threatening to Shut Down the Government

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House GOP infighting reached new heights this week as Trump-aligned House Republicans threatened to shut down the government.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy opened an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden based on no evidence this week in an effort to appease his far-right party members. But the move doesn’t appear to have satisfied them. If their demands aren’t met, they plan to challenge McCarthy’s speakership and vote against funding the government. With no agreement in sight, McCarthy dared his detractors to bring a vote to oust him from his leadership post.

And weeks after his plea deal fell apart, President Biden’s son Hunter was indicted on Thursday with three federal firearms charges.

Joining the guest moderator and PBS NewsHour White House correspondent Laura Barrón-López this week to discuss this and more: Leigh Ann Caldwell, a co-author of the Early 202 newsletter and an anchor at Washington Post Live; Andrew Desiderio, a senior congressional reporter at Punchbowl News; Weijia Jiang, a senior White House correspondent at CBS News; and Heidi Przybyla, a national investigative correspondent at Politico.

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