Old Man Trump Forgets His Position on Abortion?

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Everyone is aflutter today over news that Donald Trump suddenly thinks Ron DeSantis’s six week abortion ban in Florida is “a terrible thing and a terrible mistake.” Hapless reporters and commentators are running around asking whether Trump is now pro-choice, whether he’s going to steal Democrats’ big issue out from under them. At least some Democrats seem to be worried about this too.

News flash: don’t wait for the big reporters to clarify this for anyone or explain that it hardly makes sense that the self-described “most pro-life president ever” might now be a credible spokesman for reproductive rights. Get serious people: Democrat and abortion rights supporters generally will have to do this on their own. Don’t wait for whatever civic thing you’re thinking journalists are supposed to do. This is a choice opportunity for the President and every other high profile Democrat to take Trump up on his newfound opposition to Republican anti-abortion overreach. As the head and paramount leader of the GOP Trump should show everyone who is boss by forcing Republican members of Congress to vote for a new law overriding all the states that now have six week abortion bans. Actually get rid of the 15 week ones too.

Joe Biden can offer to reach across the aisle and sign Paramount Leader Trump’s newest accomplishment.

People have never seemed to get that waiting to see what new nonsensical thing Trump will come up with next has never made sense. It’s a constant game of giving him the initiative and giving him power. Besting him in some kind of notional logical argument has always been a fool’s errand. Making him look absurd and silly is fighting him on his own turf.

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