Why Spider-Man’s She-Hulk Snub Is Actually A Good Thing

A good news, joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe will depend on the presence of the latest established characters. Although not as Spider-Man as the writers wanted it to be, it’s actually a good thing that it’s now reaching TV/streaming as well.

With a long list of TV shows that connect to the film side of this universe, this has allowed the MCU to introduce more characters and the latest to join this connected universe is Jennifer Walters’ She-Hulk, also known as Tatiana.

She is a lawyer specializing in supernatural cases – however, she will become the green superhero She-Hulk, just like her famous Bruce Banner. When she embraces her She-Hulk persona, She-Hulk will follow Jennifer as she is in her 30s.

Jennifer will face some interesting characters on her TV show such as Titania, a social media influencer influenced by She-Hulk, and Mallory Book, Jennifer’s lawyer and rival.

The writers of She-Hulk weren’t the only characters they wanted in the series and Spider-Man was one of them. This is completely off-limits and it’s a good thing for Jennifer as previously mentioned above in She-Hulk. There are already four MCU characters pre-installed.

No matter how big or small their roles are, there are already a lot of characters in the show Threat. Smart Hulk was an obvious addition given his link to She-Hulk, while Blonsky would be one of Walters’ clients, a fellow lawyer and a hero in Daredevil.

Adding Spider-Man to the mix so far worked on in Phase 4 of the MCU will divert attention from She-Hulk which is a potential risk with already confirmed characters and the show’s need to find a place for She-Hulk. Is. Is. Because this is their MCU introduction and they need to participate in it.

There are some links to She-Hulk and Spider-Man in the comics. She-Hulk’s wedding to Peter Parker’s boss J.J. Jonah Jameson was married to Jameson’s son John Jameson on The Daily Bugle and worked with Spider-Man on separate occasions.

She-Hulk and Spider-Man will depend on what Sony and Marvel have planned for Spidey’s future as he prepares to return.

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