Why Hulk’s MCU Arc Was Changed By Civil War’s Cut Scenes

Poor planning for Captain America Civil War would have changed the MCU Hulk arc. Unlike many of his fellow Avengers, the Hulk did not appear in several solo installments, becoming a team player in the Avengers films and a supporting character in other heroic stories such as Thor Ragnarok and She-Hulk’s Attorney at Law.

Since the MCU debut in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, Hulk has grown enough to enjoy the pleasures of being a legendary warrior on an alien planet to fight alongside the Avengers and then as a Hulk-Banner hybrid.

The rest of the Avengers ignored these changes because most of them were busy fighting each other during the events of the Captain America Civil War or were blown up by Thanos after Avengers Infinity War, an early Captain America Civil War. In the concept of Thunderbolt, Ross was transformed into the famous Red Hulk.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo revealed that they eventually considered adding both Red Hulk and Spider-Man’s Iron Spider suit, but they ended the process early to make the film already overcrowded. Unchecked, Colonel Ross’s transformation would have taken away a substantial part of the story.

This would have influenced the Hulk’s MCU journey in his following performances, requiring him to acknowledge the existence of another gamma-powered monster and giving him another center stage role through this story. Marvel’s Red Hulk wasn’t the only Hulk. But at the same time his longtime foe, Colonel Ross, has a grudge against Bruce Banner.

He considered the Hulk to be a mindless survival weapon. By becoming a demon himself, he could endanger innocent lives just as he had turned Emil Blonsky into hatred, prompting the Hulk to intervene and revive the events of The Incredible Hulk.

The birth of the Red Hulk, this time with another unlikely villain, may have prompted Bruce Banner to reconsider his transformation into the Smart Hulk. Perhaps Bruce Banner would have chased it before Avengers Endgame to find a cure for Colonel Ross. More likely he would have dropped it to fight the Red Hulk.

One of the reasons why Bruce Banner was able to become the Smart Hulk was because he had enough time after Thanos’ snap. His reluctance to come out for Avengers: Endgame would have allowed him to maintain his full strength for a well-deserved rematch against Thanos in Avengers: Endgame.

This would mean that the Smart Hulk would not have been the one to snap the other and that other powerful Avengers like Thor or Captain Marvel would have had to sacrifice themselves to do so. Bruce Banner’s fight against the hulked-out Colonel Ross also saw him with Betty Ross.

Shang-Chi is not available to welcome or help Jennifer Walters in The Avengers. Sangharsh would at least be worthy of a film but unfortunately it is unlikely to materialise.

Given the vast roster of various Hulks, it is not impossible to imagine within the comics that a similar conflict could arise for Bruce Banner and Colonel Ross in the future. There was no chance to speak directly after the events of The Incredible Hulk, but Red Hulk’s absence proved advantageous for Bruce Banner, whose only concern now is to train Jennifer Walters.

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