Why Batman Can’t Be Resurrected Despite DCeased’s New Discovery

One good news, the heroes of the DC Universe have found a way to fix the corrupt Anti-Life Equation virus that created zombies in DCZ, but it can’t save the Bat family heroes who quickly fall into the Anti-Living Went.

Writer Tom Taylor and artist Trevor Hairsine launched the final chapter of their zombie saga with DCZ: War of the Undead Gods Hui, which was then distributed around the world to save Earth and its inhabitants.

It seems that the cure only works on anti-living which is mostly harmless so Batman/Bruce Wayne Nightwing/Dick Grayson and Robin/Tim Drake, who were first victims of the virus in the DCeased series, cannot be brought back Because he was killed by his faithful. Patron Alfred Pennyworth.

In DCeased War of the Undead Gods #1, Alfred is left to mourn his actions for a moment, with Batman/Damien Wayne explaining the cure to Alfred and Dr. Leslie Thompkins. Trying to console her by saying that you don’t know Bruce didn’t even know that you did what you were supposed to do at that time.

Damien’s words bring little comfort to Alfred who replies with tears in his eyes. Don’t try to free me from this. He could have been saved. I killed my sons in Decsede #1 of Anti-Life Equation Virus 2019, When it started with Darkseid tried to break the cyborg equation with the help of Desaad and Black Racer.

Instead the process turned Darkseid into an anti-living monster who then destroyed his planet, Apokolips. Desaad sends the cyborg back to Earth, the protagonist acting as a carrier of the techno-biological virus and spreading it around the world in seconds after connecting to the Internet.

The Anti-Life Equation Infects Anyone Looking at a Digital Screen or Being Wounded by the Anti-Living Person After Dick and Tim are killed, Bruce tries to stop the virus from taking control of Mr. Freeze. Uses a suit.

Put Alfred on standby with a shotgun when he finally turns to DCeased #2 The last page of DCeased #2 is the Anti-Living Bruce charging Alfred who says that despite the virus being cured, keep it that way Shouldn’t have ended. The danger to the heroes of the universe is not over. The Anti-Living Darkseid travels to New Genesis to infect the new gods in DCZ: Dead Planet.

The final chapter threatens the universe as the mighty Anti-Living begins to spread throughout the universe DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #1 The Inner Pencil is Saida Temofonte by Ren Beredo and Letters by Taylor Hairsine Inc., Andy Lanning Inc.

The main cover art for this issue is by Harisin and Beredo with various covers contributed by Dan Mora, Francesco Mattina Kael Ngu and Sun Khamanaki. This issue is now on sale from DC Comics.

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