When does The Walking Dead final premiere episode air on AMC?

In a new piece of news, in 2020 it was announced that the eleventh season would be the last of The Walking Dead series, with the announcement that the final season would release 24 episodes in three parts. The final chapter of the story will take a long time to tell but in less than a month, fans will see the beginning of the end.

There are only eight episodes left, with many loose ends that need to be tied up. Our survivors find themselves in the middle of a battle against the Commonwealth that has decimated their home communities and put the lives of their families at risk.

The trailers for these episodes are full of action and find our survivors in life or death situations. AMC will begin airing the final eight episodes of The Walking Dead on October 8 at 9 p.m. The communities of Hilltop and Oceanside were taken during the Lance Hornsby Josh Hamilton midseason finale Alexandria.

Viewers also saw Connie Lauren Ridloff and her crew distributing a rogue publication revealing secret plans by the Milton family. The midseason premiere episode of Season 11 is titled Lockdown. Plot Details Tell Us Daryl Norman Reedus and Negan Jeffrey Dean Morgan will lead the Commonwealth to stop Hornsby from harming their families.

This will be Negan’s first introduction inside the walls of the community. Governor Pamela Milton Layla Robbins will tackle public outrage over the crimes of her son Sebastian Teo Rapp Olsson Public Demanding Justice and Mercer Michael James Shaw and Rosita Christian Serratos.

The trailer also shows some people calling it smart zombies because they are seen climbing walls; Showrunner Angela Kang has said that these are a return to the early Walker series. They are the brainchild of Frank Darabont, the first showrunner of the Walker series. After Darabont was fired, new showrunner Glen Mazara chose to go back to the Walkers found in the comics who were slow and intelligent.

It’s an excellent call back for Darabont, but perhaps it’s also a sign of what’s to come in some spinoff series The Walking Dead Episode 1117 premieres Sunday, October 2 with episodes 1117 and 1118 on AMC+ the same day.

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