Travis Scott Lashes Out In Video After First Concert Since Astroworld Tragedy

Travis Scott is facing some backlash on social media after Kylie Jenner shared a video showing the rapper angry after his first concert since the Astroworld tragedy.

Scott returned to the stage almost less than a year later after several people were killed and injured during the November 2021 Astroworld Festival. The rapper has since been accused of inciting violence on his show, which gave him a long hiatus from performances Scott performed at London’s O2 Arena in August.

The rapper previously performed at an event at the Miami Formula 1 Grand Prix in May 2022, as well as a Coachella party and a pre-Oscars bash. His return to the stage was fueled by concerns for some fans that he might face the tragedy of 2021.

As Scott makes his way down the hallway he continues to yell. They are joined by NBA players James Harden and Kevin Durant who are hugging and shouting with the rapper. The video ends as Scott disappears through a door. Before pouring more champagne.

Jenner shared the video on both her Instagram and TikTok, although the latter has since been removed. The video was discussed on a Reddit forum, where people shared their disdain for Scott’s aggressive behavior, especially after 10 people died at his festival a year ago.

This is very insensitive to the lives lost in his festival, showing that he thinks highly of himself and appears to be quite aggressive and self-consuming. Another user wrote I feel so bad for Kylie. If I see this I will be scared that he is behaving like a maniac.

She’s trying to make this happy family by improving Travis’s image and posting videos of him knocking on doors and getting furious doesn’t really make Astro look good. I do what eventually led to tragedy in Astroworld.

In another video from the weekend, Scott was seen forcefully sniffing a laptop while appearing on stage during a DJ set. After the Astroworld tragedy, Scott spoke to radio host Charlemagne Tha God and insisted that I did not want what happened at Astroworld to happen again, that it was my responsibility to find a solution.

This is a first step for us because the cast has more information about what’s going on. Scott said that Nia Tipton is a writer living in Brooklyn. She covers pop culture social justice issues and trending topics on Instagram and Twitter.

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