The Real Reason Elon Musk Is Developing The Tesla Bot!

Coming this month September 30 See what the smartest people do for Tesla’s payroll, not the consumer.

The technology level targeted at professionals in the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence industry is what they speak for and the rest of us have to harden our weak minds and it leaves a lot to the imagination so last year we did.

What reaches the computer’s brain doesn’t just feed eight different camera software, it actually creates a real-time three-dimensional vector space that’s a singular bird-like view of the world and then the car moves in vector space. . Everything Learned Tesla’s concept for the Dojo supercomputer uses tiles made of 25 separate systems on a chip computer that are interconnected over ultra high bandwidth on a single piece of hardware that supports itself.

Dedicated power distribution and cooling systems and then interconnect those dozens of tiles to create the most powerful AI training computer in the world. And then Elon Musk announced that he was building a humanoid robot that would replace human labor for all jobs.

He will usher in the golden age of humanity where we will all do what we want to do and everyone is rich and happy, so the question arises, what is Tesla? For the follow up let’s talk about this humanoid robot prototype named Optimus, who is the star of the show and eats the most.

Elon Musk took it this far Elon said he specifically delayed the AI ​​Day event from August to September this year to give his people more time to get a working prototype of Tesla.

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