The Pirates of the Caribbean Producer Offers Promising Update on Next Movie

In a new piece of news, producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirms Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Speaking to about the success of Top Gun: Maverick, Bruckheimer revealed that Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is happening.

While penning the screenplay with Ted Elliott, the veteran screenwriter behind Aladdin and Shrek, Elliott also co-wrote the first four films of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise with Terry Rossio.

Following the massive success of Top Gun: Maverick, the Bruckheimer Legacy sequel has jumped on the bandwagon as it also delivered promising updates on National Treasure 3 and Beverly Hills Cop 4 that begin production this month.

Bruckheimer is also planning to bring Nicolas Cage back for National Treasure 3, but Cage’s reluctance to appear in mainstream films could complicate matters beyond Bad Boys 4.

It will take a few years for Will Smith to go into production because of the Slapgate scandal. Johnny Depp may return in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 but it’s a long shot to make a plan.

He confirmed a few months ago that two Pirates of the Caribbean movies were in development, one starring Margot Robbie and one without her. Christina Hodgson’s Birds of Prey the Flash is reportedly writing a female-led spinoff featuring Robbie and Ted Elliott in its franchise. Depending on the experience, you can work on the other.

Bruckheimer and Elliot are working on a Robbie film only after Johnny Depp has made it clear that he has no intention of returning to the franchise and a Pirates of the Caribbean film will be made without Depp as Jack Sparrow or without the character.

Johnny Depp is devastated that he never got a chance to say goodbye to the beloved franchise, feels betrayed by Disney and won’t work with the studio again, even though they have $300 million and a million alpaca with him .

As she swore in a defamation suit against Amber Heard and she has every right to be angry as Disney fired her without allowing her to stand her ground but continues to take advantage of her name.

They didn’t take my character off the ride They didn’t stop selling Captain Jack Sparrow dolls They didn’t stop selling anything They didn’t want me to find them behind Depp’s reps also dismissed recent rumors of his return Gave.

So unless the ongoing fan petition actually makes some progress, we have to assume that Robbie will be the new face of the franchise but one thing is certain. The sixth flamboyant adventure is happening in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. No word on whether this spinoff will be a reboot or a sequel.

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