The DCEU Has a Major Problem With its Superheroes

There have been some major changes to how the DC Extended Universe tells its stories. The films took a connected approach, creating a Justice League film similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This direction again resulted in a weak product with poor reviews and behind-the-scenes drama. Now, each film has had a pseudo-connected approach and has since delved deeper into the characters and story.

Given that the franchise has a serious superhero problem. Having a problem doesn’t mean his heroes are bad in terms of quality. And it’s also worth noting that the success of Batman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman has proven otherwise.

What has become clear in its most recent films is its focus on more villainous characters and inexperienced heroes. For example, while Shazam! As a success, its new sequel sees Billy and his family face a severe lack of experience in battles against more powerful threats.

The same can be said for JSA, who can’t hold a candle against Black Adam or The Flash, who are also new to Hero games. While most of these characters are adept at saving lives, it is defense where they have proven most inexperienced.

Another problem that has caused a major problem with superheroes in the DCEU is its focus on more malicious characters and even darker stories in its shows and movies.

For example, Joker showed great success, a sequel was also green. Supporting the success of the villains, Black Adam has shown a renewed interest in DC characters and a desire for more films focusing on each franchise’s own complex collection of villains.

It has been proven that while audiences still have a soft spot for Justice League, there is a greater curiosity among villains who have the same skills as the heroes but lack the moral compass.

These concerns have come to the fore with this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, as fans wanted nothing more than a return to the movies for Superman, but there was no indication that it could happen.

Without Superman in the film space, the superhero issue plagued by the DCEU has taken a more meta approach, as it is now clear that the world needs Superman, or they risk the villain’s greater presence.

To make matters worse, with the exception of Shazam, there has been even less attention given to the superhero movies to be released in the coming years. The DCEU brings with it some of the most important and influential heroes to ever grace pop culture.

The lack of use around them could easily be a cause for concern, as these characters are the role models for many of their fans. While it’s great to have Black Adam and the Joker as fixtures to show off the diversity of the universe, it also needs reassurance that the heroes who could have stopped them are still around.

More heroes may appear in the DCEU, and that promise has already been established with films like Blue Beetle and Black Canary. But it’s hard to shake the desire for more powerhouse icons ready to match the villains that have been in the spotlight so far.

What will happen to fans of the DCEU in terms of new movies and characters hasn’t been disclosed, but the future still doesn’t look bright. The only wish is that there’s still room between villains and anti-heroes for the icon who started it all.

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