The Creator of Captain America’s Shield is Finally Confirmed in Marvel Canon

There is good news, Captain America is rarely seen carrying a gun in battle and instead relies on his trusty Vibranium Shield but the making of the shield is a wondrous mystery. Vibranium is extremely rare outside Wakanda and thus most of the metal is carefully preserved.

A portion was reserved for the manufacture of Steve Rogers’ famous shield. Now Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #3 reveals that the solitary creator of the shield has hidden a message directly on his creation and that Captain America is not yet aware of it. Turns out that Captain America’s shield is the centerpiece of many stories in both the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In the 2021 United States of Captain America series, a group of supervillains steal Steve’s original shield and use it to release a hater from their secret prison miniseries The Falcon and The Falcon on Disney+. The Winter Soldier also relates Sam Wilson’s reluctance to carry a shield and weapon.

Captain America learns that the shield is not just a weapon but a symbol and not a symbol of freedom and patriotism, but of oppression and fear. With art by Carmen Carnero, Captain America travels to Germany only to search for a “clean power plant”. Which is a front for the mysterious Outer Circle which is a secret organization.

Steve Rogers learns of the Outer Circle through the mysterious Doctor Boca Agboje who built and operated the Vibranium Forge that eventually led to Captain America’s famous shield. It retrieves an important question about Rogers’ famous weapon.

Captain America reveals that the shield was made by an American metallurgist named Myron MacLean, who created a vibranium and adamantium hybrid material that was used for the weapon.

Doctor Agboje is the true creator and in fact, a flashback panel reveals that he created the shield as well as the forge and the mole. Captain America’s shield is one of the most recognizable symbols of the Marvel Universe, but is behind the creation of the shield. The true story of is shrouded in mystery and contradictions.

Boka Agboje is the true creator of the weapon, although Myron later developed the full blown adamantium, made famous by mutant Wolverine. Captain America’s Shield is clearly an all-encompassing creator who doesn’t want to be recognized for his achievements. Instead wants to let the shield symbol speak for itself.

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