The Avengers Secretly Hate Captain Marvel’s Original Codename

Great news, Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Miss Marvel’s original codename The Avengers is secretly hated. It can’t be denied that Captain Marvel has a complicated history with the Avengers, and his original codename and backstory are a big part of that.

The original nickname of Captain Marvel dates back to the time when Carol Danvers was known as Miss Marvel, a play on the then-popular original Captain Mar-Vell. The character appeared in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 by Roy Thomas and Gene Colon.

Carol was initially introduced as a love interest to Captain Marvel, she quickly became one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe.

Her powers have increased and decreased and she has changed her dress several times. His name wasn’t even officially Captain Marvel until 2012 when writer Kelly Sue DeConnick began the new Captain Marvel series with Carol. Carol debates changing her name and asks for the opinion of her closest friends.

Both Spider-Man and Captain America object to her original Ms. Marvel name. Steve means it sounds like his assistant Avenger. It is interesting to see that Carol’s allies continued to support her for so long despite her close association.

The comic series is self-titled Captain Marvel, so it makes sense that Deaconique would want Kelly’s name to be changed immediately. There is no stranger.

His first attempt with the new title was supported and encouraged by his fellow Avengers. Full Moment helps him take command of Captain Marvel when he returns to his true form and has been considered practical since he was introduced. After that it has been many years in the making.

It is Captain America who clarifies that she is not a second class member. Both characters embody the Marvel franchise in name and action, so it’s equally fitting that the name change from Miss Marvel to Captain Marvel was a way for the character to grow and evolve.

It’s not just a new outfit or a different hairstyle, it’s a confession that she is no longer a sidekick or love interest. Marvel offers fans more than just the Ms. Marvel moniker.


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