Taylor Swift is yet to make it to the Oscars

The good news, if there was an award for perfection, Taylor Swift would probably have won it by now.

Despite all the accolades that Taylor Swift has received, the singer is yet to make it to the Oscars, but looks like that may soon change. The Bad Blood singer previously directed six music videos of her own, including All Too Well the Man and Cardigan.

All Oscars were ineligible for the coveted award for cinematic achievements because the Academy lacks a suitable category. Swift could be an EGOT after the Emmy, a designation given to Grammy Oscar and Tony Award winners, and with Oscar buzz. She is working on one of her most recent project.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Broadway may be the only phase he has to deal with. Taylor Swift’s All Too Well short film, based on her fine songwriting of the same name, has reportedly received an Oscar-qualifying run.

A video based on a song about how singer-turned-director Jake Gyllenhaal stole her red scarf deserves an Academy Award nomination in the Best Live Action Short category at next year’s Oscars.

All Too Well: The Short Film Starring Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink is described by Swift as a film about a fervently curious young woman who completely breaks out of her depth and is the singer’s debut.

Entering filmmaking outside of music videos, he dropped the 14-minute project online and at New York City’s AMC Lincoln Square in late 2021, where it received positive reviews upon release.

CBR called the film a powerful characterization, while noted film critic Steve Pulaski described the short as brilliant.

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