Spider-Man’s New Costume Presents His Most Dangerous Weapon Ever

Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man has introduced a new suit for Peter Parker’s crime-fighting persona and it’s arguably the most disturbing weapon of all time.

Spider-Man has often exceeded limits in terms of terrifying powers, from his basic webbing and wall-crawling to extra arms and a ‘sting’ of wrist claws. The Marvel Universe doesn’t ignore this.

Aunt May and J. Prominent figures such as Jonah Jameson have shared that their distaste for Spider-Man is partly due to his intimidating abilities. Now Peter Parker is pushing things along with something newer than ever before.

The costume created by one of his deadliest villains, The New Age of Spider-Man, sees Peter Parker at an all-time low as a mysterious misdeed keeps him away from friends’ family and fellow heroes. His relationship with his iconic nemesis Norman Osborne aka the Green Goblin has changed.

Part of that quest is creating a new armored Oscorp suit for Spider-Man, a weapon derived from Norman’s own designs. And full of gadgets.

Spider-Man is not wearing his Oscorp suit, although it officially appears in The Amazing Spider-Man #7 as Norman attempts to gift Peter the new outfit and his weapons.

Fans already know what it can do, thanks to Patrick Gleason’s edition cover for the issue that describes the suit’s many features from a digital mask that holds different faces to a companion drone . Which could top off a wearable rocket pack.

An annoying glider similar to the Green Goblin, however, the most disturbing aspect of the Oscorp suit is a group of bright green bombs whose cover reveals an ‘egg bomb’ designed to creep up on Peter’s enemies.

The bombs are apparently based on the Green Goblin’s pumpkin bomb technology, but are a drastic step forward in terms of sophistication. becomes a powerful weapon.

Spidey’s observers will only know about his new weapon when he is already mastering his technique. They can prove to be effective like egg bombs. The idea that Spider-Man would blow up eggs filled with tiny invisible spiders propels the past.

This is probably a deliberate decision aimed at underlining the flaws that exist in Norman Osborne, as the former Green Goblins can’t help but develop dangerous weapons even in their ‘redeemed’ state.

Marvel has a habit of giving Peter new costumes and weapons whenever the wall-crawler changes up his classic formula, allaying fans’ expected hesitation. Recently, Peter accepted a new outfit from online media site Threats and Menace.

He replaced the classic ‘THWIP’ sound effect of webbing while live-streaming his adventures to the public. Dropping that suit was ultimately a moment of triumph for Peter and it is likely that his Oscorp suit will eventually serve the same purpose.

Spider-Man will find his ‘egg’ incredibly useful as he faces a new era without his usual support system, the man he once hated more than anyone in the world.

So it’s always fun to watch them go out of their comfort zone with new equipment. The Oscorp suit and its many weapons promise to propel the crime-fighting game of wall-crawlers into the immediate future.

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