She-Hulk: 6 MCU Easter Eggs & Hidden Details In Episode 1

The She-Hulk era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has begun, with new news that Tatiana Maslany brings to life one of the most beloved Marvel Comics characters of all time in Jennifer Walters.

Viewers are excited about the endless number of opportunities for more Gamma Radiation superhero fourth wall-breaking comedy and Easter eggs in the show.

He’s praising the world-building value of Marvel Studios’ 7th live-action Disney+ series She-Hulk, which is at the forefront of the law suit over super-powered creatures that comes up with unique and engaging ways.

Here’s a list of every Easter egg in the season premiere of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

1] The Sex Life of Captain America: A promotional clip shows Jane Walters and her cousin Bruce Banner discussing what most people discuss with the Avenger Captain America.

The Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are essentially celebrity public figures in the MCU, largely focused on their personal lives. Jane develops a theory that Steve Rogers was put into action shortly after becoming Captain America.

I never got a chance to lose my virginity. Since Rogers is famous for his unhealthy work ethic and hectic work schedule, Jane is sad that this probably won’t change before her time runs out.

2] Captain America’s Ass: The Captain America Virginity Theory is paid off in the post-credits scene of Episode 1 when Jane is unable to recover from the tragedy of Steve Rogers’ virginal death.

Jen is mostly upset that someone with such a Chris Evans-esque physique never got a chance to use it.

3] The Lucky Lady of Liberty: Jane continues to struggle with the idea that Bruce Banner convinces her that Steve was capable of losing his virginity to a woman he met on the USO Tour in 1943.

It is undoubtedly set in the USO montage from Captain America The First Avenger. This may point to the glamor shot of actress Laura Haddock during that montage. Haddock played Peter Quill’s mother Meredith.

4] Welcome to the Circus: Mark Ruffalo returns as Bruce Banner for the first time since his cameo appearance in the scene after the credits for Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings. Bruce in that scene is totally smart for Avengers Endgame. After becoming the Hulk, he reappears in human form.

After the snap he remained in a sling for his arm, which all brought back the sling similar to She-Hulk Episode 1, as well as a device on his wrist that uses a regulator to prevent any spontaneous hawking. was.

5] The Sun Comes Real: With the introduction of a new Hulk in the MCU, fans are able to reflect on his superhero career alongside Bruce Banner. Describing his cousin as the Hulk, Banner depicts in many ways that he was imprisoned in his monstrous Hare kingdom and could somehow be brought back.

The was the famous lullaby from Avengers Age of Ultron. Natasha pacifies the Hulk and brings him back, saying that the sun is really setting. This was a strategy that Thor tried again without success in Thor: Ragnarok.

Bruce also mentions other ways to get out of his Hulk Empire, usually I fall off a jet or I get knocked over by a robot.

Banner’s mention of a robot as Awake may have been a cheeky reference to Ultron, but most likely when Hulkbuster knocked him out.

6] Bruce’s Monster Years: Speaking about Ragnarok, Bruce also revealed that he once remained as the Hulk for two straight years while being a Fighting Champion on Sakaar.

This is the biggest warning he can give to his new cousin in the form of a new Hulk. It was then that Bruce realized that the Hulk was just as in control as Bruce and he proceeded to bring Brain and Braun together.

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