R. Kelly victim testifies 20 years later about sexual abuse, including some recorded on video, that allegedly started when she was just 14

With the news that R Kelly had sex with her as a girl and recorded some of their encounters, the now grown woman took a stand to reverse her testimony.

Speaking in federal court in Chicago under the pseudonym Jane, the 37-year-old saw Kelly only once during her testimony when asked to be identified.

While he was on the stand, Kelly laid his eyes on the defense table, showing prosecutors recordings in which Jane testified that Kelly engaged in sexual activity with him. Attorney Jean Appenteng 14 Jane testified that she is expected to take the stand again on Friday.

She testified that Kelly began having sex with her at the age of 14 and had sex with her more than 15 hundred times before the age of 18.

Anne is one of five minors who were charged by prosecutors of sexually abusing Kelly in the late 1990s, four of whom obtained child pornography for making explicit videos of Kelly and criminal sexual activity on minors. Had it. and faces charges, including charges of obstructing.

Codependents include Darrell McDavid, a former business manager and accountant for the singer, who faces charges of child pornography and obstruction. Kelly’s former assistant Milton June Brown is charged with conspiracy to obtain child pornography.

McDavid and Brown have pleaded not guilty. During opening statements Wednesday, a lawyer for Kelly asked jurors why Jane is now coming forward and changing testimony from two decades ago.

For the past 22 years, she has vehemently denied that she was in the video before the criminal investigation took place. She has repeatedly denied this. He has repeatedly denied prosecutors.

Jennifer Bonjin at the witness stand Wednesday under a grand jury oath on Thursday, Jen said she was testifying under immunity because she told Kelly about a 2002 grand jury sex affair. lied and had she appear in candid video recordings with him.

Jane traveled to the Christian hip-hop group, whose members were her cousins. Prosecutors asked not to name the group to protect her identity, I Was Living My Dream, Jane testified.

His aunt known professionally as Sparkle had an affair with R Kelly and had a romantic relationship with her. It was Sparkle who introduced Jane to Kelly when Jane was 12 or 13, while she was at a gospel concert for her church.

She would record Kelly and Sparkle music and talk with Kelly about basketball and music. Jane testified that she was 13 when Sparkle was born. suggested that Jen should ask Kelly to play a bigger role in his life.

He told me to ask him to be my godfather. Expect Sparkle to testify later in the trial. Jane said that Kelly smiled and agreed to be his godfather, and within a few weeks their relationship turned sexually.

Kelly used to talk to him on the phone and ask what color panties are you wearing? And about my breasts growing and I need to wear a bra, Jen testified.

Kelly became her godfather, with Jane testifying that her parents were comfortable letting her stay at their house for nights or weekends without her parents or aunt.

Kelly began touching her breasts and vaginal area one night in her recording studio. She testified that she quickly switched to oral sex and other sexual acts and that she lost her virginity when she was 15.

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