Priscilla Presley reveals new secrets about Elvis, 45 years after his death

It’s bad news, today marks 45 years since music icon Elvis Presley’s death and Priscilla Presley is sharing brand new details about King Presley’s ex-wife, which she didn’t like doing during her career.

Classic Elvis Movies was released, telling NBC Today that she really wanted to do serious movies.

When asked about the hardest part of watching the film, Priscilla shares her frustration with Elvis Colonel Tom Parker, portrayed by Tom Hanks in the film, for not taking Elvis where he wanted to be.

Priscilla revealed that it was tough, because I lived it. I lived his arguments. I was trying to explain to Elvis that he didn’t want to do all the movies on the beaches with all the girls.

Priscilla praising Luhrmann’s dramatic role on The King’s Life was filled with memories while watching the film, when I heard he was filming I heard what he was saying today and at the end I went ‘Whoa It really is Elvis.

Despite Priscilla’s complaints with Parker about Elvis’ involvement, she admitted that she had made peace with her former manager, explaining how Elvis accomplished what he had done from the beginning of his career.

There was a colonel who was a manager and a colonel who was so cute that he was earning a million dollars he wanted to live what he wanted to live he had promised Elvis.

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