Paul Pelosi, husband of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, pleads guilty to drunk driving charge

In a new news, Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi pleaded guilty to drunk driving on Tuesday, August 23, when the 82-year-old crashed his Porsche in Napa County, California, in May 2022.

After Paul admitted that he was driving under the influence of alcohol and was hurt, Judge Joseph Solga sentenced him to five days in prison on Tuesday.

He will not serve any jail time as he will receive credit for the two days he has already served. The night that Paul spent in prison after the May 28 accident would count as two days, with the remaining two days being taken out for good behavior.

Reports have it that Paul will be serving his final day doing eight hours of community service. Media reports also mentioned that the court also ordered Paul to install an interlock ignition device on his vehicle for a year.

Paul will be on probation for three years and will also face a fine of more than $1,700 for being reinstated under the jurisdiction of the court and his appearance in a drunken class for three months.

Paul was not in court when the verdict was announced and was represented by his lawyer, Amanda Bevins. The California Highway Patrol Collision reported that Paul was attempting to cross SR-29 in late May.

When his 2021 Porsche was hit by a 2014 Jeep, which was heading north on the road, the report noted that the vehicles had suffered major collision damage.

He pleaded not guilty. The complaint states that Paul was driving his vehicle under the influence of an alcoholic drink and a narcotic and their combined effect.

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