Pau Gasol and Others Remember Kobe Bryant on His 44th Birthday

In a new piece of news, former Lakers teammate Pau Gasol was one of many players who remembered the late Kobe Bryant on his birthday on social media on Tuesday, even as Bryant turned 44 on August 23.

Interviewed LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Pat Riley, Jenny Buss, and others after the series’ rise through the documentary Showtime Era Kobe-Suga Three-Pete, under Dr. Jerry Buss, and more.

Bryant was an 18-time All-Star, five-time NBA Champion, four-time All-Star MVP, two-time Finals MVP and 2007–08 regular season MVP inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, marking its 75th anniversary.

Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets have fixed the fence after inclement weather. The team announced via a statement from General Manager Sean Marks that Marks Durant would be working with Nets head coach Steve Nash, Nets owner Joe Tsai and Durant. Business partner Rich Kleiman all met and agreed to move on to the 2022 season.

This effectively ended a nightmare 2022 off-season for the Nets, which began with speculation about Kyrie Irving’s future with the team and a complete meltdown when Durant officially retired. evolved as happened. Requested trade from the Nets with four years on his contract.

Whether this ends Durant’s feud with the Nets remains to be seen, but it appears the two sides have at least come to an understanding of their immediate future together.

Nets owner Joe Tsai took a stance this season that many owners might not have taken in previous years when the superstars requested to step out of their positions.

James Harden was forced to move out of Houston, only then to move out of Brooklyn. This is a sign of owners getting back in control as the NBA is seen as a league of players.

According to The Athletics sham Charnia, the Nets had already begun telling teams they planned to keep Irving this season, but reports the Memphis Grizzlies also entered trade discussions for Durant this week.

It appears the Nets will bring back both anchors from their 2022 squads and should also bring back a completely healthy Ben Simmons on the court. Kevin Durant, entering his 16th season with the Nets, is now the former once again. And 2022—it looks like the season will have 23 outright NBA contenders.

Kevin Durant of the Memphis Grizzlies is reported to have entered the sweepstakes. Trade talks between the Brooklyn Nets and Durant’s favorite teams have stalled in exchange for the Nets’ demands for star players.

The Celtics have not picked up their offer significantly from Jaylen Brown, Derrick White and the picks on the table and haven’t had a serious discussion for some time. Toronto Raptors still won’t add rookie of the year Scotty Barnes in a deal

A new team has shown interest in Durant. Memphis Grizzlies League sources say athletics are available.

Offer does not meet net’s higher asking price for Durant. Brooklyn wants an under-25 All-Star level player on the front of the package and if Jackson and Bain are out of the question then 26-year-old Dillon is among the Grizzlies’ best players. Maybe Brooks isn’t an All-Star and is older than Brooklyn.

Steven Adams and Danny Green should be doing business equal to salary with torn ACLs. Memphis already sees itself on its way to a title. They finished second in the West last season and with a youthful roster. The Warriors reached the six-game playoffs.

The Grizzlies will risk that trajectory and the ability to trade for 34-year-old Durant It will be interesting to see where the KD saga goes from here as the Grizzlies prepare with their young and talented core to score runs once again in the upcoming.

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