Olympic champion Ellia Green finds liberation in transition

With new news that Brisbane Australia Elia Green realized as a young child long before she became Olympic champion, a person’s identity and gender at birth can be very different things, almost 20 years after the 2016 Olympics. One of the stars of Australia’s gold medal-winning women’s rugby sevens team has transformed into a man.

Green told The Associated Press that it was the best decision of his life, realizing that sharing his experience could be a lifesaver for others, Green led an international summit on ending transphobia and homophobia in sport. led the conference. participated in the conference. Participants were forced to go public in a video shown on Tuesday.

The summit is being held in Ottawa as part of the Bingham Cup rugby tournament. The only other transgender or gender diverse Olympic gold medalists are Caitlyn Jenner and Quinn who go by one name and the Canadian women’s soccer team won in Tokyo last year.

Seeing so few trans athletes at the elite level and so much negative commentary on social media, especially since World Rugby decided to stop transgender women from playing women’s rugby, Greene did things that could harm some children.

This is an attempt to draw attention to a serious health problem. Some studies said more than 40% of trans youth had considered attempting suicide, Green, 29, said in late 2021. Has admitted to living in a dark place after retiring from rugby.

Green told the AP that my rugby career was largely over and I was in and out of mental health facilities for serious issues. My depression hit a new level of sadness. He is now in a better place with partner Vanessa Turnbull-Roberts and their newborn daughter, Waitui.

Green said I had bad episodes. This is the last time I want him to see me like this but the only way to help him recover is to talk about it. I want to help someone not to feel so lonely by telling a story.

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