Olivia Wilde Wins Custody Battle Against Jason Sudeikis As Harry Styles Affair Rumors Rage

In good news, a judge has granted Olivia Wilde’s request to dismiss the custody petition of her ex, Jason Sudeikis. Last month a judge sided with Wilde, 38, according to court documents obtained by People magazine.

This led him to offer to dismiss a custody petition filed by 46-year-old Sudeikis in October last year. The Ted Lasso star had reportedly hinted that he wanted the former couple to raise their children in New York City.

According to The Daily Mail, this is where the family previously lived and where their daughter Daisy 5 and son Otis 8 were born. The documents said that both Judge Powell and the referee agreed that New York was not the home state of the subject’s children.

Wilde allegedly accused Sudeikis of professionally embarrassing me in court documents when he was infamously handed custody papers during his presentation at CinemaCon in Las Vegas in April, which apparently contained Jason were involved. The intention was to intimidate and take me away from security.

He could have served me wisely, but instead he chose to serve me in the most aggressive way possible. Our personal conflict on public display would be contrary to the best interests of our children.

Jason has made it clear that we will not be able to do this out of court system for the sake of our children. According to the British publication, Sudeikis said in his filing that he intended to show Wilde at CinemaCon. There was no way to get the papers on the stage.

He requested that they be served at Heathrow Airport. They reportedly planned to service the hotel where Wilde was staying for CinemaCon. Sudeikis also mentioned that he didn’t want to involve Harry Styles, 28, whom I’m currently dating Wilde with.

According to the DM, Otis and Daisy may be present at Olivia’s current partner’s house. I did not want the children’s school to be served because the parents could attend.

The lead character in the flick, reportedly felt an instant chemistry with director Wilde and his partner of 9 years, Sudeikis. They started dating after two months of separation.

Don’t Worry Darling lead actress Florence Pugh reportedly felt uncomfortable on set with Wilde and Styles. The 26-year-old Oscar nominee apparently knew Wilde was still with the Sudeikis when she started hooking up with Styles.

Rumors that Wilde and Styles began their relationship as an affair while Wilde was still with the Sudeikis are nothing new. The source reportedly said that Jason and the kids were initially on set with Olivia several times, so I think it all makes people feel a little uncomfortable.

Many fans have pointed out that Wilde has recently posted tributes online for Pugh and her work in the new film, but the Little Women star hasn’t promoted the upcoming film as much as many of her other projects have garnered many fans. has attracted. A quarrel or interruption is a sign that Wilde is trying to keep a secret.

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