Nottingham Forest vs. West Ham result, highlights, manager reaction from dream Premier League homecoming

A good news, Nottingham Forest marked their homecoming after 23 years without Premier League football in this corner of the East Midlands, a 1-0 victory over West Ham United in a quartet of summer signs on a hot afternoon. Dean Henderson proved to be a hero with penalty saves, Jesse Lingard and Neko Williams with exceptional performances and Taiwo Ewoni scoring the winning goal.

Completing 23 years in six weeks was the phrase coming out of the club this week and it was evident in the starting lineup which included eight new arrivals after spending a generation as facilities looking to make big time again in the English Football League. Along with the refresh, minor updates to the 124-year-old stadium were also evident.

The noise of steel resonated wonderfully around this old school stadium. Forest fans enjoyed their day even in temperatures of 32C/90F The already hustle and bustle around the city and a deafening atmosphere at times during the 90 minutes certainly made the Premier League a better place for it.

Forrest did his best to make up for the shortfall in his final product. He got off to a great start for both the sides. Former Liverpool player Williams pulled out some half-times for Evoney with No. 9 failing to link Williams to Steve Cooper at times. K 3-5-2 was a threat on the right flank, attacking the men in front of him a level of quality.

The England international in the first half was a scintillating match which was the center of Forrest’s game. Lingard was constantly in space, playing some dangerous throughballs, inflicting counter-attacks and tracking back, especially on the left wing, to assist the defensive.

Declan Rice also gave an early yellow card to one of his former Iron teammates, but the visiting team captain didn’t let it get in the way. Rice and Pablo Fornals notably started receiving the ball around the 20-minute mark. And directed the midfield fight a little more.

Forrest’s central pair began to allow West Ham to make up his half-chance. Michael Antonio was a man who struggled to get into the game, occasionally appearing frustrated when the game went 10 yards away from him. used to go. He was walking from afar and could not touch anything.

During the drinks break in the middle of the half, David Moyes was chatting with him in an attempt to rejuvenate his game. The opener was the one who began to propel himself across the ground with a brilliant single.

The one who separated the One players was out due to a foul from Antonio in the build-up One, a Lewis O’Brien lost to Benrahma instead of the lazy Evoni a man who stayed away from the lazy who showed a lot of movement and scored runs.

He also put himself in a real physical fight over Kurt Zouma, when he should have signaled the easy way out by imposing himself on Shakir Ben Johnson. The £18m striker’s efforts were rewarded with a goal he was very much about There was no more information.

It will haunt him: He is the scorer of Forrest’s first Premier League goal in two decades, with Harry Toffolo making his way into the box from the left, where Forrest had made the grass several times. Noting that his stride had enough force to turn the ball in front of Lukasz Fabianski at stoppage-time of the first half.

Fornals hit the bar with a sensational long-range effort, which bounced over the line before Henderson overturned, when Forrest thought he was going 2–0 only to be brought back by VAR for the second goal of the afternoon. Will take the lead Brennan Johnson who struggled in the early stages.

The ball was lifted well over Fabianski after being devoid of a finishing touch by Orel Mangla, but West Ham hit Woodwork for the second time through a Benrahma free-kick before the sly winger of his improvisation. It was the perfect antidote to Irons’ general grit and chivalry at City Ground.

Tomas Soucek’s check attempt for a brilliant counter burst was squared off moments later as Henderson would have saved it anyway and was fined after a VAR check.

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