Multiple injuries reported in shooting at Greenwood Park Mall

Several people have been injured in a shooting at Greenwood Park Mall police confirm that the shooting took place before 6pm tonight. The suspected shooter has died.

No confirmation on any other deaths yet, but again several people have been injured and the gunman died in the incident at Greenwood Park Mall, who would like to give you a live look.

The scene and our Logan Go to Gay who got there with some additional info Logan what are you learning yes what I’m learning it’s just a very confusing scene Family members are here looking for loved ones.

Trying to figure out what’s going on. You can see behind me there’s a lot of police presence here, a lot of people just wondering what happened. We’ve actually talked with a family.

member who was in the food court at the time and she says she heard gunshots, i believe about 20 or so and she said they immediately got very confused, at first she didn’t know that many people what was going on with.

Just trying to figure out what’s going on and where their loved ones are, we’ll have more info, I’m still gathering here, but that’s what we know so far that’s heard by people in the food court area Gone approx 20 shot gunshot Greenwood Park Mall is again confirmed here.

That a gunman involved in the incident, which took place shortly before 6 o’clock in Greenwood Park Mall, has died. The information confirmed by the police also confirms that several people were injured in that shooting incident inside the mall.

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