Madonna twerks in lingerie as fans express concern over ‘disturbing’ videos

Madonna shared a video of her walking and bouncing in lingerie via TikTok on Friday, amid ongoing fan concern on her disturbing social media post The Like a Virgin Singer, 64, of the L$D song in the video. Shown for the look. She is dancing in a black lace bra, high-waisted underwear and fishnet tights.

After looking into the camera for the first few seconds, the queen of pop began to move her waist and at one point adjusted her underwear, then she stuck out her tongue to lick her lips to show off her bubbly butt. Gave.

Fans quickly took to the comments section to express their concern for the pop icon This Is Not Madonna I Know. A fan wrote. If someone intervened, the other said clearly.

I guess everything I know is just a big lie, it’s soul crushing, one user said other screamed and wrote something in the blink of an eye if you need help it scares me . Like why? And Madonna no longer exists I don’t know who this person is.

Meanwhile some fans argued that Madonna should be able to post whatever she has to say about Madonna, but she is a legend, a loyal fan commented. Madonna has always been in controversy. Why did you all think she would change with age?

Love her a second time with a third tiktok user, she has such a vibe when I’m her age I want to be full of life and no damn thing.

The recent TikTok activity of the Hung Up singer has led fans to speculate about her well being.

The Vogue songstress also used the popular platform to come out as gay in October, but did not elaborate on the video. In a separate video, Madonna awkwardly confessed that she was not circumcised.

Plastic surgeons told Page Six that they believed her face looked exaggerated, with fans also commenting on her risky outfit choices and awkward appearance.

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