Liz Cheney loses primary as Trump topples his most prominent GOP critic

With the new news, Representative Liz Cheney speculated that Donald Trump-backed Harriet Heijman may have lost her primary Tuesday after ABC News reported Cheney built its campaign for American democracy around her political profile and criticized the former president.

Given the partisan makeup of the seat Cheney lost, and polling showed him trailing Heijman, Trump won Wyoming in the last presidential election with nearly 70% of the vote.

Cheney’s defeat is Trump’s biggest victory in his retaliation tour against incumbent opponents and a warning sign to other anti-Trump Republicans who are overtaking him.

Cheney said in a speech that contrasted that call with Trump who still refuses to accept the 2020 race. The election between Cheney and Heisman put national themes and Trump’s largely conservative policy platforms at stake.

Cheney in his re-election bid focused on criticizing Trump over his role in last year’s deadly Capitol rebellion as he fought to uphold GOP principles.

Cheney advised Hejman to focus more on reducing the de facto GOP leader as a legislator: the fate of Wyoming Republican Representative Liz Cheney is in the hands of voters.

Over time it became clear that three-term legislators were weak because Wyoming Republicans supported their opponent in the polls. launched an outreach effort for.

Cheney said in a speech Tuesday how he could change his party registration to vote for him on the day of the primary, though activists said there was little hope of having enough Democrats to change Cheney’s fortunes. Two years ago, I was 73 years old. It won the primary with % of the vote.

I go with President Trump’s lies about the 2020 election, which will require that I enable his ongoing efforts to expose our democratic system and attack the very foundations of our republic—it is a There was a path that I could not and could not take.

“No office in this country is more important than the principles that we all swear to defend,” he said, and I would do my duty to keep Heagemann’s potential political consequences apart in a general election.

Become a staunch Trump ally in the House against presumptive Democratic rival Lynette Gray Bull in one of the reddest states, and indicated her ideological alignment with Trump at a campaign event earlier this month, saying the election would be a complete victory. There was some sort of fraud.

It was rigged to ensure that President Trump cannot be re-elected in 2020, what happened is treason.

I will be accountable to the voters and citizens of Wyoming because I am one of you and, like you, I am sick and tired of not having a voice in the US House of Representatives. May we be successful in the decision we have taken today.

Cheney’s defeat marks a meteoric rise and rapid decline for a former GOP star who was first elected in 2016 and became the No. 3 Republican in the House in late 2018, a climb that fueled rumors that One day they might have an eye.

He accused him of his messaging strategy and some voters in Wyoming who saw Cheney as an absentee representative who focused more on the former president than on state issues.

Beyond his tough primary challenge, he lost his leadership in the House. He also lost his position and was condemned by the Republican National Committee and the Wyoming Republican Party.

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