Hailey Bieber Paired Her ‘Espresso Martini’ Minidress With Another Unexpected Shoe

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Hailey Bieber, a major proponent of the “wrong shoe theory” and food-based style trends, combined both into her latest look.

Think about it: Long before Lemon Girl Summer and the grocery aisle style wars, there were glazed donut nails and glazed donut skin, both of which were used to market the 26-year-old model’s skincare line, Rhode, in June 2022. Now, in 2023, Bieber promoted “strawberry girl” makeup ahead of the launch of her Strawberry Glazed Lip Treatment collab with Krispe Kream.

The food obsession doesn’t stop there. In August, Hailey Bieber debuted “cinnamon cookie butter hair” (which I already showed to my hairstylist, not going to lie) just one month after introducing latte-inspired makeup into the conversation. Clearly, Bieber’s not just hungry for new trends—she’s thirsty, too.

Now, on September 15, Bieber has added a little bit of a buzz to her caffeinated aesthetic with an “espresso martini” ensemble. Highlighting the creamy latte tones of her glossy, mascara-free glam, the model rocked a rich, coffee bean-colored Chanel minidress with a pair of chunky sneakers with caramel accents.

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Though a slingback heel might be the obvious pairing for a cocktail-inspired fit, Hailey Bieber seems to be making a game out of subverting footwear expectations, either by styling an athletic jersey and shorts with peep-toed mules or wearing a pair of crew socks with her casual orange jelly slides. Still, the sneaker-and-slip-dress combo seems to be a particular favorite.

Clearly, Hailey Bieber has breakfast, dessert, and late-night cocktails covered. What’s next on the menu is anyone’s guess.

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