Laura Loomer Loses GOP Primary, Opportunity to Vie for Most Racist Congressperson

In a new piece of news, you can’t formally measure racism, but if you can, Laura Loomer will have a solid chance of becoming the most publicly racist congresswoman of the past decade if she wins last night.

The 29-year-old lost her primary election in Florida’s 11th Congressional District in a close contest to incumbent Representative Daniel Webster. The district is a Republican stronghold in which the party has received at least 65 percent of the vote in the last three elections.

In 2020, Loomer won the lightweight primary in Florida’s 21st District and was beaten normally in an unfavorable district. If she won last night, she would be in Washington D.C. may be in.

Seeing Loomer so close to Congress is a sign of change in the post-Trump GOP, and it’s a little hard to understand that four years ago she was handcuffing herself at Twitter headquarters protesting the app’s shutdown.

Loomer has not served in the office before. He is known for being a conservative activist and cartoon fanatic. He has a years-long history of raw unfiltered Islamophobia, which probably reached its peak when it was said that he was 50 years old at a mosque in New Zealand. Nobody cares after people are killed.

I don’t particularly care about my social media accounts and the fact that Americans are being silenced. Loomer was lamenting those who shut down websites like Twitter for being racist.

Not changing his rhetoric during a campaign to make himself more attractive to Congress, Loomer recently shared an article lamenting America’s rapid erasure of white history.

He also had a public dialogue with Nick Fuentes, a white nationalist who supported him. I am going to fight for white people, I am being documented saying such things.

In addition to overly vocal racism, Loomer is also part of something weird. Trump’s presidency launched a wave of right-wing influencers who were concerned with doing politics as well as building their online celebrity.

Ted Cruz Reps Matt Getz Dan Crenshaw and Former Congressman Devin Nunes Podcast Reps Marjorie Taylor Green join Lauren Boebert and Lame Duck Congressman Madison Cawthorne who regularly demonstrate an academic level of shitposting expertise.

People have channeled the mid-life crisis energy typically reserved for sports cars into commercials that let them briefly in their own action movies. For others, Congress is the perch from which you can launch this shitposting spectacle.

A vote in Congress to get a seat in power and trolled to gain a profile beyond the backbench that was eventually used for some sort of media deal. Loomer is already influential and a veteran of several poster wars.

Purple Hearts Could Be Banned From Every Platform began as a way of not to ban. Laura Loomer may be the first to run a congressional campaign that was trying to be racist on Twitter.

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