LAPD Visits Gabbie Hanna’s Home After She Posted Series of Disturbing TikTok Videos

In a new piece of news, Gabby Hannah was spotted by police officers at her L.A. home on Wednesday. The social media star caused serious concern among her followers with nearly 100 bizarre TikTok videos posted in a span of 24 hours.

Amid his torrent of TikTok, Hannah said the police checked her out and left her a wellness card with the LAPD, after several calls urging the police to investigate Hannah.

TMZ reported that after consulting with her she was brought in to a psychological evaluation team that she did not pose a threat to herself or anyone else and allowed her to stay in her home.

On Thursday at 9:35am PT Hannah posted a new TikTok video of herself in the hot tub, her first upload in nearly 24 hours. In the text above the video, he claimed that 5 officers hugged him and took him into custody. Got it.

Entered my house from the back door because I used my free speech and religion, then they sent 2 mental assessment specialists who almost dragged me to a hospital but luckily I was smart educated kind and brave a short time later on another video , he wrote thank you The officer sincerely and sincerely thanked everyone who called in concern.

In the caption of the video, soundtracked with Nicki Minaj’s Super Freaky Girl, Hanna wrote, “God I was so nervous the whole time because trust me doesn’t mean the unknown isn’t scary, thank god. ”

The most recent TikTok video of Hannah before the LAPD check in shows her on various stages, crying and laughing, talking about a range of topics including religion and death, and proclaiming herself the smartest person on earth. She is in lipstick in many videos. A message is visible on the bathroom mirror, Hannah has earlier said that she has bipolar disorder.

Believe it or not but if you do you would be a real fool to tell everyone you happily know tbh jesus is really here or not i guess he wrote in the caption of a video.

Hannah also posted a TikTok clip claiming that someone broke into their house. It came hours after he posted a video of him with a stranger who appeared at his home, Nicholas, who told him he was lost. And asked to use the bathroom, Hanna said a friend had messaged her.

In a text overlay on the first TikTok video posted on Thursday, Hannah wrote in the text overlay that if he’s going to attack me, thank God for giving me the honor of taking that pill. , My faith in you my God so I will always have mercy on a stranger.

He also said that fortunately the man had left fingerprints on his face and name as well. Hannah has 7.5 million followers on her TikTok account where she goes by the trauma queen. In July 2021, Hannah revealed that the police had conducted a wellness check. had come to his house.

When she posted a video of herself in the bathtub saying she would be completely offline, she wrote in a now-deleted tweet. The police had just come for a health check-up and I found a stone covered with paint on the door and only my underwear. Wear and make sure your friends are okay.

T-shirt replied I can’t believe they didn’t give me away Hanna representatives did not respond to Variety’s request for comment On behalf of the agency she is represented by the CAA TikTok PR rep also made an inquiry did not answer.

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