‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ stars Bryce Dallas Howard and DeWanda Wise react to negative reviews after critics rated it the worst in the franchise

With new news, Jurassic World Dominion stars Bryce Dallas Howard and DeWanda Wise react to bad reviews. Dominion is the lowest-rated Jurassic Park film, receiving only a 30% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

DeWanda Wise exclusively told Insider We made a movie during a pandemic that you can’t tell me—the “Jurassic World: Dominion” stars Bryce Dallas Howard and DeWanda Wise in an exclusive interview with Insider, Jurassic Park Talking about the latest in the franchise, the negative reaction to the film.

Dominion, which opened in theaters in June, received rave reviews from critics and a 30% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, making it the lowest-rated installment in the series. An interview with Insider featuring an expanded version of the film to mark the home entertainment release of Dominion.

Wise defended the production as the cast and crew had to work under difficult conditions in 2020 at the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Wise said Honestly you can print it if you want You can’t tell me crap Actor continued We were producing for the first time during a pandemic We all lived together People who received this film with love with which it was made.

That’s where I focused my attention. That’s what I do naturally. I don’t go where I don’t love I don’t care, said Wise. Addressing the critics’ reaction to the film, Howard and Wise both said they were going to blue-screen on Tuesday. Ray fans are excited to see the expanded version of the film when it hits DVD and streaming services.

Howard said that director Colin Trevorrow has restored cut scenes from the theatrical version of the film, including 14 minutes of additional footage.

The extended version is a restoration of the original cut and this is the film we made. It has all the narrative connective tissue and character moments and all that we all built together. I am just thrilled that people get to see our film.
Wise said, “I am grateful that now people have got a chance to watch the film in its entirety.

Howard, who starred as lead character Claire Dearing in all three Jurassic World films, also noted that Wise’s character Kayla Watts was praised by fans and critics alike, despite negative reviews for the film.

It’s important to say that you are loved everywhere, Howard told Wise during an interview with Insider. There is no question how we all feel about you and what you did in ‘Jurassic World’ with full support.

Howard also told Insider that he was paid far less than costar Chris Pratt for the second Jurassic World film.

So little when I started talks for ‘Jurassic’ were contractual, not necessarily binding.

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