Josh Hawley accused of transphobic line of questioning during sharp exchange with law professor

Josh Hawley was accused of interrogating the transphobic line during a heated exchange with Republican Senator Josh Hawley, a Missouri law professor.

Who was accused by the law professor of engaging in a line of transphobic questioning during Tuesday’s hearing on the legal consequences of the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v Wade.

Following a Supreme Court ruling last month, some progressives have increasingly used the term pregnant people in opposition to women whose abortion rights they seek to protect in an effort to recognize that transgender men and non-transgender men are Binary people are also affected by this.

The court decision that overturned the landmark 1973 ruling that made access to abortion a federal constitutional right, whatever you refer to for people of pregnancy potential, would it be that Kiara Bridges attended the UC Berkeley School of Medicine. Asked Kiara Bridges as a law professor during Sharpe’s exchange in law.

Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Many Women Cis Women Have Potential for Pregnancy There are also those who are capable of pregnancy suppressed by Holi.

Looking at the origins of this authority, the professor is about to assert that Holly’s inquiry was transphobic because he was effectively denying the existence of trans men and non-binary people, I recognize that I wish your line of inquiry is transphobic and it opens up trans people to violence.

does not recognize them bridges, to which the senator said Hawley’s focus on inclusive language comes as an incredibly backlash as both abortion rights and trans rights have become political flashpoints across the country.

Republican state lawmakers have passed restrictive measures on both fronts in recent months and years. Bridges noted that trans people suffer higher rates of suicide attempts by denying that trans people exist and not knowing it. are pretending.

They exist is dangerous. He asked the senator directly if he believed men could be pregnant No, I don’t think men could be pregnant. Hawley said, to which the professor replied No, I don’t think men could be pregnant. Maybe, it’s how you run yours.

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