Jennifer Flavin seen without wedding ring days before Sylvester Stallone divorce

In a new piece of news, Sylvester Stallone’s marriage may be longer than he realized without which the photo was photographed.

The 54-year-old former model was seen on August 8 exiting the Craig Melrose Avenue hotspot where celebs go to see Flavin, holding his left hand as she steps out.

It was clearly showing how she was completely naked and was missing her usual flashy wedding ring. The photo ended her 25-year marriage to the 76-year-old Rocky star in a shocking move on August 19. He was still wearing his ring.

Although in a photo she posted with her daughters two days after Craig moved out, one took it as a sly sign that there may be a problem with her marriage with her husband missing, she wrote That girls were my priority.

Nothing that matters to the four of us, she wrote, is now taken as a sign for her split. Her last cute Instagram picture with Stallone was in May 2020 as they marked their one mile anniversary. Celebrated stone which he did not celebrate this year on his page.

The star acknowledged that the pair had problems with their new Rottweiler Dwight, but emphasized that we didn’t end the relationship over such a trivial argument. Covers the huge portrait on the right shoulder and arm of his wife.

It was supposed to be an update for 14-year-old Tait. He told TMZ that it was messed up and it was just a fix. There will be no ulterior motive. To prove his point, the actor noted how his back was still running. His estranged wife has got a big tattoo done.

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