Is Kate Moss expected to be called as a witness by Johnny Depp’s legal team?

Kate Moss

Let’s detail how Kate Moss, who dated Johnny Depp in the 1990s, is expected to be called by his legal team to testify as a witness to the rebuttal in the ongoing trial between Amber Heard and Depp .

Johnny Depp’s ex-wife Amber told CNN about Depp confirming that Moss and Depp are still in a relationship, with Johnny Depp suing for $50 million.

Alleging that, 2018 Ed wrote in the Washington Post, that the piece accused Johnny Depp, which did not name him. She was wrongly portrayed as being hurt by an abuser.

Counter sued Depp for $100 million, saying his attorney had accused him of abuse, claiming the hoax was defamatory injury.

What’s a Rumor About Groomer?

He testified on Stan, that he had immediately thought of the rumors concerning Kai at the time of the hearing, and was in an alleged feud with his sister, Depp, whom he had attacked.

Whitney heard a rumor about a groomer, who testified in a May 17, 1998 Rolling Stone article, in conversation with writer Hunter Thomp, Depp is quoted as saying, but Whitney claims to be with Kate .

During Monday’s hearing on a 1998 Rolling Stone quote, Depp’s team did not comment on Monday’s testimony, and thought it better to remain calm.

Amber Heard team produced several expert witnesses, including two physicians, Dr. Richard Moore, a muscle specialist who has some expertise close to a medical procedure.

Who is Dr. David Spiegel?

He testified as an expert that the moves were not consistent with his charge after an incident in Australia that hit his finger, which caused an injury to his hand.

Glass Vodka Bottle Dr. David Spiegel is a psychiatrist who is an expert in intimate partner violence, and he testified that he believed Steph displayed behaviors that are consistent with someone who has a substance use disorder. as well as the intimate partner behaves in a manner consistent with the perpetrator of violence.

Neither Moore nor Spiegel ever investigated or spoke with Depp, both reviewed medical records and testimony attached to the case. Entertainment industry expert Katherine Arnold also testified about Depp’s own analysis.

Herd’s respective career Arnold testified, that he believes Herd’s Ed hasn’t had much of an impact on Depp’s career.

Very few Arnold has testified, that hardly anyone had an op-ed in existence before he filed the lawsuit, which I know of.

Easy Points:-
  • Definitely doesn’t believe Disney Arnold.
  • However, Depp’s attorney’s statements resulted in a loss of up to $50 million in potential earnings over the next five years.
  • They claim that they have called the herd.
  • Both sides are expected to give their final statements in the matter on Friday.
  • Hoping that the whole thing will be known.

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