How the team behind Netflix’s ‘Untold’ reframed the Manti Te’o girlfriend hoax

In good news, Teo was loved by the people around him and was on track for a full football scholarship to the University of Notre Dame and was a golden boy.

Active in his faith and easy to get along with his grandmother, then his girlfriend was not really dead. His girlfriend revealed to the media that she was not present, Ronaya was a catfish caught amid cheating with New Tusopo, she was the donor.

Te’o Tuiasosopo and the elaborate 2013 hoax are the subject of a new two-part documentary on Netflix Tuesday, Untold the Girlfriend Who Did Exist, directed by Ryan Duffy and Tony Venku, which tells the story of Te’o and his fake girlfriend.

The story of Tuiasosopo who created an imaginary girlfriend to come to terms with his gender dysphoria has been cut short.

Two episodes play a central role, bringing viewers along a journey of self-discovery and gender identity that Teo has been partially shaped by his own experiences of catfishing. CNN spoke with MacLaine Way, who accompanied Chapman.

The team contacted Tusopo and Teo to mark the trip separately, and the conversation has been edited for length.

It’s always been a white whale in space and my brother remembers very well just reading the noise it was making and reaching over to Naya and chatting with her.

It was probably a call that was only going to be 15, 20 minutes and we talked to her for two hours and she took us through a remarkable journey of self-discovery and self-identification and how she does it. Do I identify as a trans woman?

As far as talking and talking to Manti, I definitely feel that many people had approached her to talk about this story. I think he had a lot of documentaries in his inbox over the years.

Manti was caught at an interesting time in his life. I suspect this will be a story he commented on or a really long, in-depth interview while still active in the NFL.

He had just married and had a child and I think for both Naya and Manti, neither were so happy that the media covered the saga extensively in 2013.

I wanted the media coverage to escalate to the end of this really long sentence that was the story between these two individuals and so I think the opportunity for both of them to have an in-depth interview about this story was fascinating and engaging.

For us as filmmakers when we really knew that I thought we could go on to make this documentary film as the most questions we had as filmmakers, Naya appeared on the Dr. Phil show And he Light Media participated in the demonstrations.

never really went down to the depth of the record and told them the whole side of the story I always had more questions about who are the people involved in this catfishing how was the relationship between you two?

He told his story to the public and why everyone decided to occupy this space listening to his inspirations, why DMs created this online identity profile and a message like a psychic connection to a football player.

It was all really fascinating to us and I think that was the reason we were so interested in talking with him. I think we don’t have enough mandate or we can’t really tell these stories on our own. Not all like to turn into specific thematic broad bridges between untold documentaries.

Any of our documentaries, even if they’re sports documentaries, really have nothing to do with who’s going to win the championship game, who’s going to hit the three-pointer as the clock winds up and win.

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