How do big company CEO spend their days?

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Let us tell you, all CEOs of big companies wake up at 4 in the morning and start their day with workouts, online meetings, power breakfast and many CEOs do their work after drinking tea, then work for hours at their workplace.

While going to the bathroom, the CEO of a big company gives necessary answers on social media, Facebook, Twitter. Those who need more, others do not reply to unnecessary messages.

After that all the CEOs go to their company and on that day the work goes on in full swing, if the CEO of the company does not come to their company then the work slows down.

After that all the CEOs of the company go out for lunch for 10 minutes and many CEOs like Elon Musk have a meeting after dinner and spend 17 to 18 hours in the company.

After that all the CEOs prepare to reach home in the evening. The CEO rests for a while when he gets home, but Elon Musk works even after he gets home, so that he can take his future further.

What time does Apple CEO Tim Cook wake up in the morning?

Apple CEO Tim Cook wakes up at 3:45 a.m., responds to more than 700 emails and user feedback, and is the first to do the essentials. Along with this, he also goes to the gym, due to which the body remains healthy and the mind is engaged in work.

Elon Musk is doing well whatever he is doing, but he certainly doesn’t get enough sleep in today’s environment.

This is the world’s most different CEO, who is better and stronger than the CEO of another big company, only then he is the richest man in the world.

Jeff Bezos starts his day around 7 a.m., and he loves to spend his lovely time.

They believe that one should experience happiness in the morning, because even these are of no use to anyone. But he is the second highest earning person in the world.

Jeff Bezos doesn’t go to the gym, or notice many things in particular, but instead starts learning about the world with a cup of coffee and a piece of paper.

What announcement did Jeff Bezos make?

He announced, that he is stepping down from his role as CEO of Amazon, but he hasn’t yet, so he’s still following his routine, Amazon has become technically a tech company, And Amazon has become well known in recent years.

A tech company is one that relies heavily on technology to survive, which of course includes the successful people of Amazon, who often get up early to avoid procrastination, and do their job diligently.

Mark Zuckerberg checks Facebook, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp after waking up at 8 a.m. The CEO of Facebook likes to eat things full of protein. Mark Zuckerberg loves Chinese food, which he always consumes.

Mark Zuckerberg also eats a variety of meals that accompany him, such as Bezos blueberry, chocolate chip pancakes with pancakes, waffles, French toast, sometimes bacon, and eggs, which he once aired at Sierra was.

Tim Cook on the other hand prefers eggs, white sugar-free cereals and unsweetened almond milk to start his day, some CEOs like Sundar Pichai spend their day with simple basic toast and eggs English tea.

Sundar Pichai doesn’t want to be bogged down by problems to get things done, and spends the rest of his day working on them. Jeff Bezos won’t be meeting before 10 a.m., because he believes it isn’t until his brain is working.

How many times does Sundar Pachai start meetings in the office?

Sundar Pichai will start meetings once in the office, but he prefers to take them on trips, which he has been known to wander in the middle of a meeting.

He will come back later with a solution to any issues that are currently being discussed. If you’re running a company like Google or Tesla, you’ll have to meet with multiple teams to make sure it’s an important part of the day.

You and your team are on the same page, just make sure it’s a productive meeting. Elon Musk had said that meeting wastes a lot of his time, but those who need the meeting will do it well.

Jeff Bezos strongly discourages PowerPoint presentations at his conferences, and prefers a CEO to engage in conversation, primarily networking and spending his time with other industry leaders.

Other mornings it’s all about solving problems and talking to sales distribution marketing and C-level executives and of course. Customer Service Jeff Bezos in particular spends most of his time in the customer service and research offices.

He realized that the biggest selling point of his company other than the extensive inventory is quick delivery and good customer service. Which they are always trying to step up the game and improve the customer experience.

How did Amazon start?

Jeff Bezos is much more successful as Amazon CEO, using it as a time to look ahead to market research.

Amazon started out as a book reseller, and evolved into what it is today, but Bezos hasn’t forgotten where he first started.

He knew an electronic reader would be hugely successful and created the Kindle. The market is now dominated by e-readers, in which they have a 75 percent market share.

Jeff Bezos is also a good CEO in the US and the United Kingdom. Elon Musk jumped on battery swap technology to offer his customers faster charging times for their electric cars.

They found a way to complete the swap process in 90 seconds, but seeing lukewarm reception, they decided to abandon the project rather than pursue it in a more correct way.

Elon Musk says that wherever he eats, his nutrition is not very good, when he is working, the cook takes his lunch, on the other hand Zuckerberg often eats in the cafeteria with random employees.

It has become so common that once his parents asked him if they should send him some food and, as you probably guessed, becoming a CEO is not for the common man.

Easy Points:-
  • Elon Musk works 100 hours a week, with Mark Zuckerberg working around 50 hours a week in comparison.
  • Most CEOs will go home for dinner and then continue to work from home.
  • Others actually spend time with family and can be unplugged from technology.
  • Some of the world’s most successful founders can help their companies innovate and grow through personal growth.
  • All CEOs like to read books because they have to get the knowledge they need.
  • Like if Elon Musk is having trouble with SpaceX, he’ll read about all those essentials from the book.
  • Zuckerberg once challenged himself to read a new book every two weeks.
  • Jeff Bezos credits the books for his leadership style. Like some billionaire CEOs.
  • If a person is working to get their startup off the ground, then CEOs of large companies recommend reading an average of 100 pages a day.

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