Harry Styles’ Accent in Clip From ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Mocked Online

In a new piece of news, Harry Styles has been brutally mocked online after a clip from his upcoming film Don’t Worry Darling was shared on Twitter. The Watermelon Sugar singer starred alongside Florence Pugh in the highly anticipated psychological thriller directed by his current girlfriend Olivia Wilde.

Some fans seem to be waning about the film after a promotional clip of a scene featuring Styles and Pugh was shared on social media.

The video has garnered over 2.2 million views at the time of this writing, but the accompanying comments are less than laudable about Styles’ performance or specifically his accent. The reactions to the clip have been merciless to say the least. Viewers criticized Styles’ accent while praising Pugh for being on-point in the scene.

Cwebs101 said god must be good looking, get away with anything with jomm20953993 asked if he should have an accent or not because somehow he failed.

AmAyeRong compared it to an SNL skit, while Trevor Dow said that whoever thought this clip should be fired honestly wow Harry Styles is a terrible actor j*zzing_saddam commented with birdfacepower about what he was doing But Florence’s American pronunciation is impeccable.

Adakika Godwin said that Harry Styles made it so easy, while Itsupidlav responded with a rush of accents. Lack of commitment to a sentiment you can’t be serious about Viiola_dc offered some defense and wrote that this is her original accent.

She has traveled continuously since 16, although some were convinced by Borilliant’s conclusion that Florence Pugh was indeed the one to take it. When it comes to accents the obvious issues of style buck the trend. previously explained to Den of Geek that it is more common for Americans to struggle with a British accent than vice versa.

Americans tend to be more insular, he explained. American English is the global language. Very few Americans have passports. It is very self-contained and therefore Americans are not as good at pronunciation because of these socio-linguistic reasons.

The criticism comes after some tough days for the One Direction favorite, which in a recent interview with Rolling Stone addressed allegations of queerbaiting that led Michael Jackson’s fans and family to accept Styles as the new King of Pop.

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