Gotham Knights gets official Red Hood character trailer

Gotham Knights is slowly coming into the limelight by WB Games Montreal. One of the highlights of the game’s pre-release promotional campaign is certainly its character traits.

With three characters already receiving their own trailers showcasing the unique abilities of the characters and the approach to the core gameplay loop, it’s only a matter of time before the Red Hood of Gotham Knights gets its own exclusive gameplay showcase.

The game’s official channel just pushed one. Equipped with a less-than-lethal handgun and some powerful magical abilities, this special version of the Red Hood may be one of the most powerful versions of the character.

WB Games Montreal has already featured a lot of Arkham Knights gameplay, the specifics of how each character behaves in the moment-to-moment gameplay is still largely unknown.

Each of the four character videos already featured provided a little more insight into his behavior, and the Red Hood trailer, in particular, is about Gun Kata.

Batgirl, Robin and Nightwing send their enemies to defeat in submission, instead the Red Hood knocks them down like the previous three characters.

This new trailer makes good use of Gotham Knights’ custom hero suits, giving players a solid look. What kind of armor will the Red Hood be able to wear in this game?

From tactical combat vests to monstrous-looking body armor, this iteration of Jason Todd will be fully customizable, depending on what kind of avatars Red Hood players are hoping to take on.

The trailer also hints at some of the Red Hood’s magical abilities, such as her aerial hop. After being revived through the use of the Lazarus Pit, the Red Hood can take advantage of his newfound ability for spell casting, both in and out of combat.

Compared to Batgirl’s gameplay loop in Gotham Knights, where gadgets allow her to move rapidly across town and manipulate enemies into battle, the Red Hood relies on her own innate magic to accomplish similar feats.

It remains to be seen how this particular version of the Red Hood is brought to life, but Gotham Knights’ handling of Nightwing and Batgirl’s relationship suggests that the game won’t shy away from character drama.

It is to be expected that his own trauma will also manifest in some form, shape or form.

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