Giants Edge Bengals, 25-22

In a new piece of news, the Bengals made an emphatic effort from their back-up defenders and relentless special teamers with a clutch touchdown drive by quarterback Jake Browning on Sunday night, but it still wasn’t enough to stop the Giants at the last minute.

New York beat wide receiver Alex Bachchan to fourth for a 15-yard touchdown pass in the middle of the field and a blitz to quarterback Davis Webb where Bachchan dropped rookie cornerback Delonte Hood’s missed tackle with 35 seconds left.

Bengals linebacker Clay Johnston typified the reserve’s bid to win the job with a monstrous 20 tackle game that included Cinci’s only sack of the night scraping for the fifth and final backer spot.

As the Bengals tried to come into field goal range, rookie left guard Cordell Wolson was called for a foul start, with nine seconds left, citing miscommunication and the game ended with Browning’s wide receiver Trenton Irwin. Gone. A short pass failed and was lost to a hit by linebacker Tomán Fox.

Bengals head coach Jack Taylor said the Bengals were ruled out of their next final preseason game with Khalid Karim’s hamstring injury and offensive lineman Lamont Galliard’s calf problem.

Before the Bengals’ drive when they were down 18-16 with 8:53 in the game, they had converted only one out of 10 third-down attempts. But rookie wide receiver Kendrick Prior made back-to-back third-down catches from Browning, the No. 3 quarterback, to avoid a go-forward drive, and the highly scrutinized left side of the offensive line did the rest.

With the help of a block from unfinished rookie Justin Rigg on the perimeter, Hakim Adanji and Wolson overtook Jacques Patrick to seal the 17-yard run. Patrick then scored a touchdown with a 3:05 when he walked between Walson and Adenji to give the Bengals a 22-18 lead.

Rookie wide receiver Quami Lassiter dropped a wide-open two-point conversion, setting the stage for Webb’s heroism. After retaining starting quarterback Daniel Jones for seven points in three series, Webb, No. 3, hit 22 of 27 for 204 yards and two touchdowns.

After the first half of the offense, Taylor rolled out the same unit to open the second half and was rewarded with a fine effort by his offensive line in an 11-play drive, which chewed up 5:28 and gave the Bengals 16. Gave. -7 lead. Trayvon Williams’ stand-up one-yard touchdown runs down third to the right of center Trey Hill and behind right guard Desmond Noel.

Noel, an unfinished rookie, was taken into the game when Galliard hurt his calf and Hill was driven back to center. Williams, who was just two yards on four carries in the first half, ran 25 yards on seven carries in the series, with Olsson running inside the final nine yards to supply some movement.

At the time, Taylor went from Brandon Allen to Browning at quarterback, but when it was feared that Browning was hurt, rookie Drew Platt acknowledged last week’s heroics with Pryor for a 17-yard advantage.

Browning was cleared, but it was Plitt’s game that set off Ewan McPherson’s 58-yard field goal at the start of the fourth quarter. Money Mac had already redeemed the night for a three-for-three, including a 50-yarder, and was six-six this season. But after a high snap from rookie long snapper Cal Adomitis, which was pulled off by veteran holder Kevin Huber, McPherson had enough leg but pulled it to the left.

Webb then prepared a forward touchdown drive with a kill game against two-deep field, where the linebackers showed a blitz in the middle before being kicked back out.

After a 22-yard touchdown pass to Bachchan, Webb ran into a two-point conversion on the rollout, caught the Bengals in the middle and gave the Giants an 18-16 lead with 8:53.

The Bengals dominated the first half with back-up defenders and an ambitious special team, the Giants making many starts and taking a 9-7 halftime lead, even though their offense produced just two first downs.

The Bengals got a monstrous halt in the first two series as Clay Johnston led the charge with 10 tackles in the first half. Edgar Joseph Ossai closed the run for another one and the next series first-round safety came on with a sliding interception on a tipped pass from the hands of Dax Hill tight end David Bellinger.

When the Bengals took a 9-7 lead in the second half of McPherson’s third field goal of the night, a 31-yarder with 9:55, they had just 49 yards of offense. Running back, Chris Evans returned a 73-yard kick in the Giants’ 24, losing two yards in three plays and two Allen imperfections for McPherson’s 44-yard field goal in a 7–6 lead.

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