Warner Bros debunks Wonder Woman live-service reports

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Wonder Woman fights alone. Despite a recent job listing bringing up live service, Warner Bros. denies its presence in the upcoming Wonder Woman video game.

It’s no surprise that the mention of live service for a single-player title made people quite upset. Luckily, clarification from Warner Bros. helped ease that tension and reassured them on Monolith’s superhero epic.

An army of one-der Woman

Almost a month ago, Monolith Studios posted a job listing for a Lead Software Engineer for Gameplay. While many wouldn’t bat an eye towards it, it gained some unwanted attention when eagle-eyed fans noticed that one of the Nice to Haves (recommended) lists for one to have experience maintaining a live software game or project. While it’s more of a recommendation, many thought the title might go down the live service pipe, similar to the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Fortunately, Warner Bros. cleared the air on the whole situation. Responding to IGN’s comment, a spokesperson for the company said that Wonder Woman isn’t becoming live-service. Instead, it will maintain its third-person open-world action gameplay with the Nemesis System.

Many, like myself, are happy to see Wonder Woman not become live-service like Destiny and Fortnite. DC is ripe for gaming and the Batman: Arkham series showcases that perfectly. If Wonder Woman can live up to that potential in terms of narrative and faithfulness, we may have a solid competitor for Marvel’s Spider-Man.

The game features an original story and you’ll play as Wonder Woman herself, Diana of Themyscira. Currently, Monolith Studios’ Wonder Woman has no release date. If you can’t wait to see more of the superhero, she will make an appearance in February’s Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League as…one of the Justice League.

Wonder Woman, revealed at The Game Awards 2021, is a single-player open-world action game. The game is developed by Monolith Studios and will include their signature Nemesis System, made famous by the Middle-Earth series.

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