Warcraft Rumble – Cairne Bloodhoof decks for PvP & PvE

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Mechanics explained

Slightly scary name aside, Cairne actually has a pretty nice ability, with Earthen Might boosting the health of all Horde troops by 20%. The best part? This is a blanket effect and means that you won’t need to be near your troops for it to take effect. Add onto that his talent, Reincarnation – which lets him resurrect with half-health after death – and you can probably see why he’s getting so much attention. His stun means that this big brute can soak up the damage, and unless he’s totally on his own he can also keep from getting it given back to him.


Cairne Bloodhoof PvE Deck

Set-up: Cairne Bloodhoof, Stonehoof Tauren, Darkspear Troll, Bat Rider, Fire Elemental, Harpies, Quilboar

As we mentioned in our Sylvanas deck overview, Harpies are quite fragile, but do massive damage when they manage to get in. With Cairne leading the charge and stunning any potential anti-air, this means they’re very viable shock troops It’s no surprise that there are also some more Taurens in the mix, as their health boost helps them stack up next to their leader.

There is some debate over whether to use something such as Huntresses for the ranged distance attack. But we think that since anti-air is covered by the Darkspear Troll, the AoE damage of the Bat Rider is a good trade for PvE. Especially as she’ll also benefit from the health boost, which the Alliance-aligned Huntress won’t.

Finally, Quillboars will be your bread and butter unit, with a slightly cheaper cost compared to Gnolls. The fact that they’re Unbound, like Undead miniatures, means dropping them behind enemy lines is a distinct advantage, although they – like Harpies – don’t benefit from Cairne’s health boost.


Cairne Bloodhoof PvP Deck

Set-up: Cairne Bloodhoof (Reincarnation), Frostwolf Shaman (Earth Shield), Stonehoof Tauren (Pummel), Ogre Mage (Frostfire Bolt), Execute (Bloodthirsty), Goblin Sapper (Crude Gunpowder), Gryphon (Mighty Throw)

In our opinion, Execute is a severely underrated spell. The blanket halving of enemy health means that even particularly durable enemies see a big chunk knocked off their lifespan. Not only that but it also has a great advantage for maps with a lot of towers…it can back-cap them. Yes, the high damage of the Execute spell means that you can effectively knock out towers, and since they start rebuilding in your ownership immediately you don’t even need to be nearby to have your own FOB.

We did consider switching out the Gryphon for Bat Riders once more; however, for PvP it’s important to remember that Rumble works on a rock-paper-scissors format. And one of Cairne’s few weaknesses is single target units. So, while we would recommend the Bat Rider if you’re going up against more squishy, model-heavy decks if Cairne is consistently out-duelled, the Gryphon Rider should provide the aerial damage needed to outmanoeuvre ground units.

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