Snowbreak: Containment Zone is releasing the Fogbound Dream update in a few days

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Amazing Seasun Games has just announced a new update for its anime-themed mobile RPG, Snowbreak: Containment Zone. The upcoming patch, titled Fogbound Dream, is set to introduce several limited-time events, including the first-ever open-world gameplay portion, as well as a new five-star character. This announcement comes alongside the inclusion of the title at the Tokyo Game Show 2023, where loads of new titbits will be shown off.

Fogbound Dream is the eleventh chapter in Snowbreak: Containment Zone’s storyline. Naruse Haru and a few other operatives have been sent on a secret mission to the Fifth Research Institute. Things go a little off-balance when Haru chases after a phantom of her father, which slowly unveils some hidden history and secrets.

And in the fog is the new boss, Will Anderson. He has a tonne of tricks up his sleeve, including long and close-range attacks, teleportation, and the ability to summon powerful minions that bring weapon enhancements and provide support. Players will have to first beat all the minions before the time limit to prevent Anderson from unleashing his ultimate attack.

To make the battle easier, two five-star characters will receive a limited-time drop-rate boost. Haru Absconditus returns with her 5-star weapon 16-Psyche on September 21st, followed by Futhia – Hush on October 12th. The former’s combat capabilities have been improved as she can now deal kinetic damage through slashing attacks. When enemy HP is lower than 50% of her attack power, they are automatically defeated.

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Finally, we come to the highly anticipated open-world portion of the game. On Director Tau’s orders, players must explore an area contaminated by yellow fog. This region has a wide variety of hidden plots and tasks that players are free to explore. On their journey, data samples must be collected, which in turn can be exchanged for rewards like the manifestation echo covenant and weapon parts at the store.

The update releases on September 21st. Download Snowbreak: Containment Zone now for free.

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