Diablo Immortal’s Biggest Update Yet Arrives Mid December Bringing In a New Zone, New Bosses, New Familiars, and More in the Splintered Souls Update – TouchArcade

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Blizzard is teasing its biggest update yet for Diablo Immortal (Free) with the Splintered Souls Update due around the middle of next month. The game has been getting many updates since launch with 20 updates hitting this year, and next month’s update will follow the Blood Knight’s arrival. In addition to continuing the story, the update will bring in a new region, new bosses, PvP modes, new familiars, and more. Blizzard says more information will be available in the coming weeks, but you can watch a teaser for the update below:

Today, Diablo Immortal has been updated with the Harvest Bounty limited-time event now live. The update also sees the return of Trial of the Hordes, All Clans on Deck, Wild Brawl, and Hungering Moon events. The last bit of information from today’s patch notes is the Black Friday and Harvest Bundles being available in-game. If you’d like to play Diablo Immortal and don’t have it yet, you can grab it free on the App Store for iOS here, Google Play for Android here, and PC here. I’m curious to see this update, and also to see if Blizzard brings it to Steam like it did with Diablo 4. What do you think of Diablo Immortal if you play it regularly on mobile or PC?

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