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When it comes to handheld devices like the Steam Deck and Asus ROG Ally – and phones, laptops, and Switch as well – having enough battery power is incredibly important. And unfortunately, some of these devices don’t have as much as you’d hope.

TL;DR – Best Power Bank Deals Right Now

Thankfully, though, you can save on the 737 power bank from Anker right now at Amazon. With this portable charger, your favorite devices can be recharged quickly and easily. You can find a link to the full deal just below.

Save $50 On the Anker 737 Power Bank at Amazon

If you’re getting this to go with your Asus ROG Ally, it’s also worth adding a few more items to your cart to go with it. Right now, you can purchase a variety of Asus ROG Ally accessories at different retailers, from controllers to SD cards. If you’d like to know what some of the best accessories to purchase are, we’ve got you covered with a helpful guide on the best ROG Ally accessories to consider right away.

There are also some great MicroSD card deals going on right now that are must-haves for those with a Steam Deck or ROG Ally. This sale currently includes a 512GB TEAMGROUP A2 Pro Plus Card, which is marked down 40% at the moment. With so many great games to choose from for these handheld devices, there’s nothing wrong with picking one up to increase your storage space.

In the world of tech, and on the topic of storage space, there’s also a deal going on right now that’s great for those with a PlayStation 5. Right now, you can also pick up a 2TB SSD for under $100, which is an absolute steal given how high their prices have been before.

Budget to Best: ROG Ally and Steam Deck Power Banks

TechSmarter 20K Power Bank
Anker 537 Power Bank

You’re going to want to invest in a serious portable charger when it comes to the ROG Ally. Start thinking more laptop charger than a power bank for your iPhone. Similar to the Steam Deck, we’re suggesting you opt for a charger that’s 45W or above, with at least 10K mAh capacity. Our top pick, aside from the Anker 737 PowerCore 24K for $99.99 listed above, is the Anker 537 24K 65W mAh power bank for $79.99. Otherwise, we’ve also left a nice affordable option in as well with the Techsmarter 20K mAh 45W for $49.99 instead.

Pick Up the Anker PowerCore+ 45W Power Bank for $99.99

Anker PowerCore+ 45W Power Bank

Available for 23% off its normal price of $129.99, the Anker PowerCore+ 45W power bank is available for just $99.99. Anker devices are always a reliable choice, especially for handheld devices like the ROG Ally or Steam Deck, so this is another portable power bank that’s worth keeping your eye on alongside the Anker 737 listed above.

Best ROG Ally Accessories

With how expensive gaming is getting in 2023, we’re trying to save you as much money as possible on the games and other tech you actually want to buy. We’ve got great deal roundups available for all major platforms, such as PlayStation and Xbox, and keep these updated daily with brand-new offers. If you’re trying to keep costs down while maintaining your favorite hobby, stay tuned for more incredible discounts.

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