Assassin’s Creed Mirage will get New Game Plus and permadeath modes in a free update next month

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Good news for those Assassin’s Creed fans who’ve already finished Mirage – a far more accomplishable task than in the series’ last few games – and are itching to dive back into the streets of ninth-century Baghdad for a fresh challenge: New Game Plus will arrive for free next month, along with a punishing new permadeath mode.

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Mirage dropped just over a month ago as a relievingly stripped-back take on the stab-and-parkour formula, following returning AC Valhalla character Basim in a standalone-but-also-sort-of-a-prequel adventure that aimed to go back to the roots of Ubisoft’s long-running time-hopping franchise.

In that aim, at least, it was successful, with our Alice finding Mirage’s less-is-more approach to be the most purely enjoyable Assassin’s Creed in a good while.

Now Ubisoft is adding just a little bit of that ‘more’, though nothing quite as knackering as Valhalla’s years of season passes and meaty expansions – which Mirage was originally envisioned as, before making the leap into a game of its own.

Mirage’s developers announced that the game will get a New Game Plus mode next month, with the option to turn on a permadeath mode if you’re up for the challenge. While we don’t know exactly what the NG+ mode will entail just yet – the team promised more details “soon” – we at least know that you’ll be able to flick on permadeath at any difficulty level, so you don’t have to necessarily combine it with absolutely nails combat.

Both new modes will land next month as part of an update headed to Mirage in December. Said update will be totally free, which is very nice too. With Mirage only clocking in at a couple dozen hours rather than the triple-digit-tickling of Valhalla and Odyssey, you should have plenty of time to finish up your first run before you dive back in, too.

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