Fox News’ Bret Baier Shuts Down Trump: ‘Obama Documents Were Handled Properly’

There are reports that Donald Trump may have violated the Espionage Act by storing “top secret” government documents at his private residence.

Obama held 33 million pages of documents, and most of them were classified on his social media platform as Donald Trump on Friday.

According to Fox News, chief political anchor Brett Baer worked hard to inform viewers that Trump’s whataboutism sucks.

Baird disclosed, noting that President Obama “followed those procedures to get those documents into Chicago.

He said there was a lot of grumbling that they were not posted online as promised. He said the way he was handled was through that process.

Baird said President Obama’s documents were handled properly. The question is if there is a paper trail and process for these documents if Trump’s lawyers and the former president are debating.

Specifically, Trump is claiming that he has personally declassified all of the documents that provoked Michael Scott’s declaration of bankruptcy in The Office.

Now that is a huge power that the President has, which is a huge power to declassify.

He explained that it’s not like you wave a stick and say that all these boxes are unclassified.

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