Finally Happened! Elon Musk Reveals Tesla’s NEW Insane $7,000 Tiny House 4.0 at Texas!

Now I don’t even have a home, I’m literally living with friends, I go to places I travel to the Bay Area where I live mostly Tesla Engineering I basically walk through friends Um I don’t have a yacht that I don’t really take vacations with.

not like that though it’s my personal i mean an exception is a plane but i have less work hours if i don’t use a plane we already know that to travel to mars Wants to colonize the planet so he’s ready to live out his dreams in a tiny house in South Texas.

What inspired him to come up with the cheap real estate idea known as Tesla Home or Tesla Tiny House, so how is this house designed and can it withstand the storm? Welcome to join us. Stay tuned Tesla Car World It’s been a minute I can assure you but now we’re back.

So 50 39 even US$10,000 Tesla will make additional products and models that will include new size plans such as 20 by 10 or 20 by 30 or 20 by 40 or 20 by 60 with different sized stacks and connect capacities and most The cost of the smaller version will also be included. 375 Square Feet 7 Thousand 1 Tesla Tiny House Studio Apartment Weight 7,000 by 10.

The space is divided into four interior volumes, a full-size kitchen with a wraparound breakfast bar, a cozy lounge, a comfortable bedroom area, and a stylish well-organized bathroom. The airy open-flow living spaces feature nine-foot-high ceilings and striped windows that allow natural light in.

Carefully placed LED strip lights provide task lighting in the main functional space while keeping household bills low. We think three inches of space will be enough for a family. And while some smaller kitchens and smaller homes have smaller appliances and minimal counter space, this design takes up a larger area.

An oven microwave double sink and dishwasher White shaker cabinetry and glass-front display cupboards provide a place for crockery and glassware I can’t believe crockery is the first flat pack, though full dining set impossible in a tiny home Is.

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