Explosions Hit Russian Ammunition Depot in Crimea

With new news, An ammunition in Crimea damaged railway tracks and power lines and dealt a new blow to Moscow’s war effort. According to a senior Ukrainian government official, the blast was carried out by Ukrainian saboteurs.

Russian officials also blamed the sabotage in their first official acknowledgment of a major attack on the peninsula. A bomb exploded in a deserted field near Meske village in the early hours of Tuesday, injuring two people with minor injuries.

Authorities on the peninsula seized by the Russian military in 2014 evacuated more than 3,000 people from a three-mile area around the depot and stopped trains on a nearby train line running from the eastern side of the peninsula to the Ukrainian mainland.

The head of Ukraine’s presidential administration, Andrey Yermak, wrote on Telegram that the demilitarization campaign of Ukraine’s armed forces will continue until the complete dissolution of Ukrainian territories. Reporting information was being collected.

Underlines Russia’s weaknesses as Ukraine seeks to retake territory to its south that Russia occupied in the early stages of the war.

Ukraine has sought to reduce Russia’s war-waging capability by targeting ammunition dump command posts and bridges, which are commonly used by the U.S. with thousands of troops transferred from eastern Ukraine in the south.

President Volodymyr Zelensky called on Ukrainians in occupied territories such as Crimea to stay away from Russian military objects and places where Russian forces store ammunition and equipment.

According to satellite images and Ukrainian and Western officials, Kyiv mocked Russia over the incident but did not claim responsibility. Russia blamed the ammunition explosion and said no warplanes were lost.

The peninsula surrendered in 2014 with little resistance and the former of the country was losing ground. The events also represent a new threat to Russian supply lines from an area that Moscow considers its own in a war it has called a limited operation.

Videos shared on social media by Ukrainian authorities showed footage of Tuesday’s explosions, with the sound of explosions showing a huge fire and plumes of smoke that damaged a railway line.

A bridge connects the peninsula to the Russian mainland. The Russian Defense Ministry said there was damage to power lines and infrastructure as well as civilian homes. Officers stopped passenger trains at a station to the southeast of the fire and killed the passengers.

Trains will resume on Tuesday after track repairs were completed after the Russian-established regional governor declared a local emergency, officials said.

Speaking via video at the Moscow International Security Conference, President Vladimir Putin reiterated his claim that the U.S. Will be ready to fight for the war. Mr Putin launched a war on 24 February in an attempt to take control of Ukraine, which he described as a security threat to Russia.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the Hymer rocket system used by Ukraine to target Russian military infrastructure and supply lines had no effect on Russia’s military operation.

Ukrainian officials and analysts have said the system affected Russia’s ability to wage war by forcing its military to find ammunition supplies and command posts further from the front lines.

Mr Zelensky on Monday accused Russia of rejecting security demands from the European Union and other countries that have called on Russia to withdraw its forces from the plant, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said on Friday.

Withdrawing from the nuclear station would make it unsafe for those who want to go there with unknown intentions.

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