Remember Lizards Delivered Hilarious Imagine Dragons Parody On ’SNL’

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We’re certainly glad Canadian pop star Tate McRae made it to her musical guest slot on Saturday Night Live tonight. Otherwise, we would’ve had to sit through the back-up musical guest. In this week’s “Weekend Update” portion of SNL, a duo called Remember Lizards was revealed to be this week’s back up musical guest.

Played by Andrew Dismukes and James Austin Johnson — whose chemistry was so effortless that they likely could moonlight as a musical duo — Remember Lizards sounded a lot like Imagine Dragons.

When “Weekend Update” host Colin Jost asked Remember Lizards about their genre, the duo had an oddly specific response.

“Uplifting kid-friendly hip-hop/arena rock, with a pop-up edge,” the two said in unison.

Remember Lizards then proceeded to sing a song of theirs, which sounded very similar to Dragons’ hit single, “Believer.” Jost called them on their similarities, however, Remember Lizards assured them that their vibe is totally different.

“Their thing is positive arena rock, that is Christian-curious,” said Johnson’s character.

Dismukes character added, “We do uplifting arena rock that is decidedly Christian.”

The two performed another song, shouting “We love Jesus and lava.” Once again, the song sounded almost exactly like Dragons’ “Believer.”

You can see the hilarious clip above.

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