“Neighbours” Star Mischa Barton Confirms Or Denies Nine Rumours About Her Career

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First things first, we have to know, why Neighbours? How did that come about and what drew you to the project?

Mischa: Well, this new series is very different, it’s not the long-running Neighbours that was on for 40 years. Honestly, they’ve approached me in the past, but now that the series is rebooting, it just felt like the right time. I liked the role of Reece Sinclair when I read it; it felt like something I could sink my teeth into and play. It was just a nice opportunity to go and do this arc for the couple of months that I was out there in Australia. They were very nice to me!

Awesome! Can you tell us a little bit about your character Reece?

Mischa: Well, she comes from the wealthy Sinclair family and is supposedly in Australia as a representative for her father’s businesses. However, you soon find out she also has an ulterior motive for being there. She’s the eldest child, a hard worker, but she’s distracted easily, especially by love. She soon meets somebody when she gets to Ramsay Street that sort of takes her for a ride for a minute.

Sounds intriguing, can’t wait to find out more! So, shall we play a little game of Confirm or Deny?

Mischa: Sure, let’s do it!

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