Elon Musk & Japan REVEALED Tesla’s Female Humanoid Robot Price

The world of technology does not stand still and evolves all the time Technological genius Elon Musk Tesla Promoting a new technology leaders and revolutionary innovations This leader Japan is a country that serves as the engine of the industry for decades to years , is promoting those achievements.

Japanese scientists continue to develop the humanoid robots we see today. Smart machines almost look like people can make cocktails, have dance partners, and even communicate, though so far only with the help of touch. With help, Japan developed its first female robot in 2006.

APS and Seema also Elon Musk, who will soon introduce his robot Tesla, benefiting from the experience of wealthy Japanese colleagues that this prototype will become Tesla’s female robot by September, as well as the Teslabot Optimus for Elon Musk and his team. Recent statements of suggestion.

Tesla’s robot, a female humanoid, may be more important than the automotive business. In this we will know in-depth information about this hot novelty. Fans of the Land of the Rising Sun firmly know that if a state is inferior to people in any parameter.

This Japan is producing robot here in 1986 and has not stopped till now is now successfully developing and capturing its market rich experience, a true work of art for Elon Musk and his companies Japanese Android and Gnoid would be very useful.

It has become the fastest robot. Difficult to distinguish from a recently living person, these mechanical people dance with laughter, maintain meaningful dialogue and even master facial expressions, though the Land of the Rising Sun is grim.

Koreans tend to slow down their Androids in this area, but due to the fact they are much more ergonomic and efficient. That a few years ago the Japanese made a super realistic robot girl, she could do a dialogue and gesture but at that time only her upper body was moving. Today the situation has changed.

Examples of such modernization include a mechanical news reader on Tokyo television channels or a sales consultant in a cosmetic store such as a robot girl who is almost indistinguishable from a living person, moreover which not only attracts new consumers and customers. ,

Wanting to replace a fake employee with an Android, he can buy on the line, choosing the optimal model from those that are offered on the network. Japan is known for its traditions in which respect for elders is far from last.

Including various types of robots, for example a housekeeper. She does not resemble a person in appearance, but closely mimics his movements and is capable of performing simple tasks such as carrying desired objects. Taking it down without dropping it is Elon Musk.

Musk, the robot built for the same purpose, previously told Lex Friedman’s podcast that his Tesla bot could one day become companion and employee Elon, adding that over time he might develop a unique personality.

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